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Our diamond picks of the week 1

6th October 2016 by Nikolay Piriankov, posted in Diamonds, Guidance & Education

To be a truly custom-made engagement ring brand, we’ve had to find every kind of diamond shape, colour and size. Each ring is crafted to precisely match the dimensions of the centre diamond you choose.

So we thought we’d share with you a selection of some of the diamonds we currently have available to inspire you. Our consultants can find a diamond to fit around your price point and send you videos like the ones shown below:

We begin with a 1.21 fancy light blue coloured radiant diamond. While you won’t often see a colourless radiant cut, this shape is often used for coloured diamonds (most commonly pink, yellow and blue) as its facet structure makes the colour appear incredibly vibrant.

The next two may appear similar, but one weighs 1.68ct, while the other is 1.01ct.

One is a D-coloured, internally flawless diamond, while the other is G-coloured with a VS2 clarity.

See if you can guess which is which – answers below:

The top one is 1.68ct Round, D IF. The bottom one is 1.01ct, G VS2.

Interested to find more diamonds – use our loose diamond search tool.