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Taylor & Hart Aftercare

16th March 2016 by Rebecca Smyth, posted in Ring Aftercare

Over time and with daily wear, your ring can begin to look worn and is more prone to damage. An annual aftercare package offers peace of mind that if you were to accidentally knock and damage your ring or if it simply needs a clean and polish to look as good as new, your ring is covered. So, what’s included in the aftercare package?

taylor and hart aftercare

Our aftercare package is £29 per year and includes:

  • One free re-sizing per period of cover – Your finger size will change over the years and we will be happy to do a free re-sizing per period of cover.
  • One free polish and clean per period of cover – Over time your ring will show some wear and we will be happy for you to come in (or send your ring in) for a complimentary clean and polish.
  • One free repair throughout period of cover – Sometimes small knocks to your ring will lead to damage, like a claw bending or a small diamond falling out. Your aftercare package ensures we do one complimentary repair per year including replacing one small diamond that has fallen out.

Is the aftercare service worth my while?

Definitely. Not only will the Taylor & Hart aftercare package offer you peace of mind, but it also allows you to make a saving on the normal aftercare services! Typically, a re-size, polish and clean alone costs around £50, with a ring repair or replacement of small stones costing anywhere from £75 – £175 meaning our aftercare package is fantastic value.

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