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How to propose during a quarantine

4th June 2020 by Nicole, posted in The Proposal

Across the world, proposal plans have been scuppered by the coronavirus. With travel banned and restaurants closed, it can seem like there are limited possibilities for romance at the moment. We’re all hanging out in loungewear, binging TV series we’ve had on our lists for months…

However, after some creative brainstorming, we think that there are plenty of ways one can prove romance isn’t dead in times of Corona. Here are eight ways to propose during a quarantine, to create a special memory during this uncertain time.

Breakfast in bed

Wake up early, and cook your partner their favourite breakfast. Wait until they wake up, then present the breakfast on a tray, and pop the ring under their coffee or teacup!


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A romantic walk

If you’re living somewhere where you’re still allowed to leave your home for exercise or a walk, use this to your advantage and propose on a romantic stroll in a secluded area. You could even wait for sunset, cook your partner their favourite meal, take them on a moonlit walk to the most romantic spot in your local area, and get down on one knee!

A restaurant-worthy home cooked meal

Think of the first restaurant you and your partner ever went to on a date, and try and remember what you both ordered. Buy the ingredients needed to recreate the meal and create a print out of the evening’s menu–capture all the little details like the restaurant’s logo at the top of the page or add the date of the night you first went there together. Tell your partner that you would like to cook dinner that night, and set the table nicely. Put your favourite playlist on, and let the evening begin!

Deliver an engagement ring

While in lockdown, some of the only other human contact we receive is our delivery drivers, working hard to deliver groceries and other essential items. Tell your partner you are going for a walk or for a run, and go outside secretly carrying your engagement ring. Have a walk for a few minutes, and then buzz back into your home or knock on the door, pretending to be a delivery driver. As your partner opens the door, get down on one knee with the engagement ring!

Take your partner on a virtual tour of the world’s natural wonders

If you’re itching to travel and your holiday plans have been cancelled, explore one of these virtual tours of the world’s natural wonders, listed by the Guardian here. To prepare, we’d recommend that you secretly undertake your favourite destination’s virtual tour first, and find a spot where it would be perfect to propose. Cook your partner their favourite meal, perhaps even a meal from the chosen country. Pour a drink, and after dinner, take your partner on a dazzling tour through any one of the amazing locations! A tip: if you have a television, connect your computer to your television to maximise the effect. When you reach your chosen scenic view, take out the engagement ring and pop the question!

If your vacation was cancelled–turn your house into a fairytale story!

If your dream holiday was cancelled due to the travel ban and you were planning to propose, not to worry! There are many ways you can bring the spirit of your planned trip into your home. Our customer, Jon, created the dream proposal in a cabin in Dordogne, France back in 2017. Even though they were on holiday, the magic was in the small details Jon had captured in their cabin. Jon sent Hayley to the spa for the day, and while she was gone he transformed the cabin into a complete fantasy. He strung fairy lights around the room, and created a red carpet for Hayley to enter the room. He placed a glass slipper and an old fashioned clock with a print out of Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast on the floor. Complete with a staircase covered in flowers and a projector which projected stars on the ceiling, Jon was sure to receive a “yes!”.


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A Zoom friends & family quiz proposal

If you imagined proposing surrounded by your friends and family, a video conferencing app could come in handy! Create a quiz about your partner and your experiences together, and get your loved ones to agree to a time to have a video conference. As you ask the group questions, your partner will be reminded of all the wonderful memories you both have shared over the years, with your favourite people. At the end, the last question can be, “Will you marry me?”

A scavenger hunt

For a playful proposal, send your partner on a scavenger hunt throughout the whole house, leading to tokens or souvenirs from your favourite memories, or notes written with anecdotes and the different reasons why you love them. Allow the scavenger hunt to lead them to a special place in the house, perhaps a little corner decorated with fairy lights– with the engagement ring hidden in a special package.

Our customers, Roisin and Tina successfully tried out this method long before we were all in quarantine– Tina created a treasure hunt for her partner, Roisin, surprising her as she came home from work.

“It was a regular day and I came home to Tina handing me a map to go and hunt for treasure around the apartment. If you knew our relationship, it’s a normal thing for us to do. So I was galloping around the place trying to find the treasure. I didn’t even suspect at that point – it was just a totally normal, crazy adventure that Tina was bringing me on!” – Roisin

Whatever your plans were, your partner will certainly appreciate the effort and thought behind a quarantine proposal. If you can’t wait and are bursting to propose now, one of these quirky ideas will be sure to turn into an unforgettable memory.

There are great advantages of proposing in quarantine–you have plenty of time to enjoy your newly-engaged life together. You could even begin to plan your wedding together and to think about what you want. Couples will be able to take advantage of all the down time together and build even deeper connections because sometimes, true love just can’t wait.

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