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From the classic solitaire to the brilliance of a diamond halo, there’s an engagement ring style to suit every wearer.


For a truly head-turning sparkle, it’s hard to beat the brilliance and impact of a solitaire engagement ring. In fact, it’s easy to see why nearly three-quarters of Taylor & Hart customers choose this beautiful style.

Timeless and iconic, solitaire engagement rings exude a magical charm, glowing in every type of light and dazzling everyone who glances over; they’re the perfect choice for that unforgettable moment between the two of you.

They’re effective because they showcase the central stone in the most dramatic way and with a solitaire diamond ring, you can be sure you’ll be wearing the ultimate symbol of love and purity.

Universally adored since the late 19th century, the solitaire design has become what we now recognise as a classic engagement ring and although there are many variants of it, it’s often at its best in its most simplistic form.

For a wide choice of designs, our solitaire engagement rings can be set in a six or four prong setting, a bezel setting and also an impressive cathedral setting.

solitaire engagement rings


If you’re looking for a ring that’s got an enduring glimmer, a pavé engagement ring could offer you the wall of sparkle you’re aiming to achieve.

Named after the French word for paving stones, this elegant European style means that the band of the ring is, quite literally, paved with diamonds or other precious stones. The pavé style sets stones closely together in tiny individual settings so that they give a greater impact with their seamless appearance.

Used in both modern and traditional engagement ring designs, this style is particularly popular for embellishing the shank of the ring itself, adding a base sparkle to a central diamond.

Pavé engagement rings can occasionally require a little extra care and attention but certainly offer a magical brilliance and sparkle to the overall design of your most significant piece of jewellery.

oval claw set diamond with pave diamond engagement ring


For a ring that gleams with a unique brilliance, choose a halo engagement ring for that special moment. Designed with a ring or halo or small gemstones around a larger, central stone, these glamorous engagement rings are bound to turn heads and are particularly popular with those who like to make an impact.

A halo of diamonds or other precious stones is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your engagement ring because it surrounds the centre stone, giving the illusion that it’s larger than it actually is.

It gives a dramatic cluster effect that takes your chosen centre diamond to the next level, making it the perfect choice for brides who want intense sparkle on their most treasured ring.

cushion cut diamond halo engagement ring


A trilogy engagement ring will take your design to the next level. This ring style features three beautifully cut gemstones, each one symbolising your past, present and future together.

Not only is it a breathtaking statement of commitment and love, the trilogy design looks absolutely stunning set on gold or platinum engagement bands. Quite often, the central stone is larger than the two either side of it, which are usually cut to around one-third of its size.

The trilogy engagement ring setting is not just reserved for round or princess cut stones, though. Because of its great flexibility, it’s a style that can also work well with different shapes, colours and orientations so that you can achieve great depth and texture. If you’re thinking about the possibility of having the three stones clustered together or even at differing heights, depending on the look you want to achieve, our design consultants will assist you in making your choice.

round trilogy engagement ring

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