Custom Finishing Touches

Personalise your design by incorporating one or more of the design elements below to achieve a more contemporary or vintage inspired look that expresses your style


What is milgrain?

Literally translating as, “a thousand grains” from the French word “millegrain”, this stunning technique creates a wonderful vintage look on delicate pieces of jewellery and engagement rings.

Made from the same metal as the band of the ring, milgrain is formed of many tiny raised beads that cover the surface of the jewellery. These beads effortlessly catch the light and contribute to the gleam of the main stones without their cost. Usually, this effect is used around the edge of centrally set stones, enhancing the beauty and framing the centre stone. Since it’s made from metals like platinum or gold, it is a great way to achieve a little bit of sparkle and texture without additional diamonds and other precious stones.

At Taylor & Hart, this technique graces some truly special pieces and as it’s often seen in antique-style jewellery, it can help to achieve a great vintage engagement ring style – perfect for adding a little extra personality to your engagement ring.

ring milgrain


A stunning effect inspired by natural forms, filigree is patiently crafted from delicate metals to achieve a lace-like finish.

Often used along and beneath the band, filigree offers an impressive depth and texture to plain and simple rings, giving them a unique or vintage look that’s particularly popular with lovers of traditional bridal styles.

A sign of exquisite craftsmanship, the use of intricate filigree work on engagement rings creates a very thoughtful style with a beautifully feminine edge. The use of curves, florals, vines and leaves features heavily in filigree designs, making it the perfect match for small and pretty central stones or even creating a wonderful backdrop for multiple small stones.


Hand engraving

The ultimate way to introduce, quite literally, a truly personal touch to your marriage proposal, hand engraving is as thoughtful as it gets.

Achieved with the use of intricate and patiently executed engraving into the metal by hand, this technique enables you to add in a significant note, pattern or date to the inside or outside of your engagement ring.

From floral motifs to initials and symbolic dates or numerals, the engraved pattern can be organic, geometric or even text – let your imagination run free. If you’re planning on giving your lover a message to treasure forever, let it be permanently and beautifully marked on the inside of their engagement ring so that they can keep that sentiment close to them at all times.

hand engraving

Matte or brushed finish

If you’re aiming for a contemporary look on your most treasured pieces of jewellery, a matte or brushed finish could be the perfect option. This stylish technique adds an industrial, modern edge to plain wedding bands but can also create a wonderfully unusual look on more intricate ring designs.

A popular choice in men’s wedding rings, this metal-brushing technique also gives a slightly more masculine look and can help to hide scratches and dents that can often occur naturally as you wear your rings.

Its finely textured surface has a finish that’s almost like stone and rather than reflecting light for high shine, matte and brushed finishes diffuse the light to achieve a more subtle, sophisticated appearance.

matte finished ring

Hammered finish

Achieving a unique look for your wedding band or engagement ring is often a challenge but for brides and grooms who are in search of a truly individual style, a hammered finish is a great choice.

Made by hitting the surface of the metal band repeatedly with tiny metal hammers, jewellers create a dimpled finish on men’s and women’s rings to give a hand-finished effect.

Hammered finish engagement and wedding rings are also suitable for setting diamonds and other stones in, allowing happy couples to add a little sparkle to this unusual technique.

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