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Halo Engagement Rings

Delivering a striking presence and brilliance, halo engagement rings are the perfect style for those who want to enhance the overall appearance of your engagement ring.

What is a halo engagement ring?

This ethereal style features a ring, or ‘diamond halo’, of closely set smaller diamonds that surround the centre gemstone. These smaller diamonds are often referred to as pavé diamonds.

Does a halo make the diamond look bigger?

Halo engagement rings are an excellent way to enhance the overall appearance of your ring–the style cleverly gives the illusion that your centre stone is larger than it is, with a sparkly finish.

This dramatic cluster of precious gemstones is sure to capture the attention of all who catch its glance, without the premium price point of a larger centre gemstone.

Why should I choose a halo engagement ring?

The halo’s versatility is appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. This diamond ring style has countless combinations of customisation; from different halo stone sizes, shapes and colours, a halo can be entirely personalised without losing the traditional centre gemstone element.

The halo made its debut in the 1920s at the height of the Art Deco era. Today, the halo has seen a resurgence, closely following the classic solitaire as the second most popular engagement ring style, for those who want an impactful twist on a traditional ring. They also look great with a wide range of wedding ring styles, both plain, polished bands and elaborate diamond paved bands.

How can a halo engagement ring be customised?

A halo ring has countless combinations of customisation. From different stone sizes, shapes and colours, a halo ring can be entirely personalised without losing the traditional centre gemstone element.

Shank style

Halo engagement rings look beautiful with both a plain or pavé shank. A plain shank offers a simpler, cleaner appearance and gives the centre stone a greater presence, while a pavé shank will result in a more brilliant overall appearance. To follow the Art Deco style, the number of pavé stones on the shank is typically equal on both sides, creating symmetry.

Alternatively, the shank of a halo engagement ring could feature a split shank, in which the band splits into two narrower bands. A split shank can be further customised by being entwined, twisted, pavéd or left in its originally polished state.

Any of these band finishes will give you the classic halo engagement ring style, with a different feel.

pave shank
plain shank
twisted pave shank
split shank

The centre stone type & shape

The centrepiece of a halo engagement ring can be a fancy-colour or colourless diamond, or another precious gemstone, such as ruby, emerald or sapphire. Each stone choice can be mixed and matched with other pavé choices for contrast, or can all remain the same stone type for a more classic finish.

Round, cushion, princess and oval shape diamonds and coloured gemstones are classic choices for a halo engagement ring style. This doesn’t mean to say that other shapes don’t work. Other stone shapes like radiants and emerald-cuts can look striking when wrapped in the stones of a ‘halo’.

Even the pointed ends of cuts like the pear and marquise, that sometimes put people off, for fear of being caught or chipped, are actually softened and protected by the smaller stones that ‘wrap’ the centre stone.

Pavé colour

Choosing contrasting pavé gemstones gives your ring a custom look. Coloured precious gemstones as the pavé halo surrounding a colourless diamond combines tradition with a splash of bold colour. Or reverse it and use a coloured diamond or gemstone as a centre stone and surround it with a classic colourless diamond halo.

heart diamond with double diamond halo with pink and white diamonds and diamond pave split shank
princess cut diamond with princess cut ruby halo milgrain rose gold engagement ring
cushion cut center diamond with blue sapphire halo engagement ring set on a bias with split shank


A classic diamond looks spectacular in the traditional metal choices for halo rings, white gold and platinum.

For diamonds with a colour grade of H or I, yellow and rose gold work to mask the slight tint that is sometimes present in lower colour grade diamonds, ensuring they remain looking bright and white in appearance.

For this reason, mixed metal settings are emerging as a diamond engagement ring trend that allows wearers to get the best of both worlds by using two tones without having to select D colour grade diamonds.

Rose and yellow gold have seen a rise in popularity in recent years not only due to their flattering appearance, but also the soft, warm tones they exude. Their hue can also enhance the colour of assorted gemstones, so if you’re including coloured diamonds or gemstones in your halo, these metals will complement them perfectly.

oval diamond twisted diamond halo engagement ring yellow gold platinum mixed metal
round diamond trilogy engagement ring with mixed metal and pink sapphire and diamond halo
pear yellow diamond with yellow gold claws and platinum diamond halo engagement ring

Number of halos

For those who yearn for a truly show-stopping piece, a double halo, or even a triple halo, circling your stone will give your ring substantial impact. Each ‘halo’ of pavé diamonds or gemstones will make the ring look bigger, so a triple halo diamond ring would enhance a very small centre gemstone without the premium price tag.

cushion cut blue sapphire rose gold engagement ring double diamond rhodium plated halo milgrain

Custom cut pavé gemstones

Sometimes a design requires a particular shape, size or colour that isn’t typically found in most classic halo rings. While custom cut stones come at a premium, they mean a ring can be created exactly as envisioned, from scratch.

cushion cut diamond with custom cut blue sapphire halo and rope band in yellow gold
round diamond with blue sapphire custom cut halo and milgrain detail
emerald and blue sapphire custom cut floral hand engraved organic engagement ring
emerald cut emerald with custom cut diamond baguette halo engagement ring
custom cut blue sapphire and emerald engagement and wedding ring set
emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring with trillion blue sapphires

Celebrity halo engagement rings

Admired by some of the world’s most-recognised stars, from royalty to actresses, halo rings continue to increase in popularity.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, is a vintage Garrard design, once worn by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Featuring a blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, this ring is perhaps one of the most iconic in modern day ring trends.

Other celebrities include Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, Eva Longoria, Olivia Wilde, Sofia Vergara and Natalie Portman, many of which include coloured gemstones. With a multitude of customisations and details, the charming opportunities of a halo engagement ring have not gone unnoticed and we presume this style will remain on-trend for years to come.


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