About the Martins Collection

For the past thirty years, a prolific Portuguese collector has built up an astounding array of jewels from around the world, in what today is known as The Martins Collection.

What originally began as a childhood fixation and love of pirates and their gleaming treasure chests and lavish hauls, slowly grew into a fully blown love-affair with everything that sparkles.

Comprising hundreds of specimens from past and present, the collection as a whole is worth over £11 million and represents a lifetime spent cherry-picking the most exquisite pieces from all four corners of the globe.

Motivated by the quality, beauty and glamour of the pieces rather than quantity, each unique item is a spectacular specimen to behold which is what makes this particular collection so special.

As the collection has grown organically, over an extended period of time, the pieces don’t conform to one decade or style, but rather encompass a variety of aesthetics. From gem encrusted rings to necklaces so fabulous they rival Cleopatra, there really is something for every taste. One thing they do have in common though, is a shared scattering of diamonds, the favourite stone of the collector.

Ranging from rings to necklaces, earrings and bracelets, many of the pieces descend from noble and royal families, giving each sentimental value and therefore making them all the more unique. After holding onto the collection for so long, we’re offering a carefully curated edit of these jewels for sale, exclusively at taylorandhart.com.


White gold necklace with 131 emeralds (9.17 ct) and 613 brilliants (6.13 ct). Weight: 65.3 g. originally a gift to our collectors’ wife, this exquisite necklace would make a luxurious gift for a loved one.

Carolina, Vivienne and Cora

Gold and silver cross pendant encrusted with 5 garnets and 151 diamonds (1.51 ct). Weight: 15.3 g. Gold and silver cross pendant encrusted with 299 diamonds (3 ct). Weight: 43 g. Gold and silver cross pendant encrusted with 9 emeralds (0.80 ct) and 352 diamonds (4 ct). Weight: 28 g. Handed down through generations of one affluent family, these three gold, silver and diamond crosses are over a century old.


Once owned by a successful businessman’s wife, gifted to her after one of his many trips to Italy. Necklace encrusted with 19 cultured pearls and 205 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.46 ct). Weight: 68.1 g. Enjoying a recent resurgence in popularity once again, this cultured pearl and brilliant-cut diamond necklace is a timeless style.


Necklace encrusted with 17 large diamonds (3.40 ct) and 2505 small diamonds (50.10 ct). Weight: 111.9 g. Earrings encrusted with 2 large diamonds (0.60 ct) and 512 small diamonds (5.10 ct). Weight: 15.6 g. Comprising a matching necklace and earrings, this fabulous suite gleams with over 55 carats of diamonds in total, are more than a century old and were owned by the same family as the jewel encrusted crucifixes.


This triple strand pearl necklace encrusted with 26 rubies (3.90 ct), 5 emeralds (2.50 ct) and 98 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.98 ct) was originally a wedding gift from father to daughter. Incorporating three strands of pearls, rubies, emeralds and almost 100 brilliant-cut diamonds, this necklace really has the wow-factor.


Once owned by a lady of high society in Portugal this beautifully crafted necklace with a spectacular 375 brilliant-cut diamonds of 11.25ct, this necklace is truly spectacular.


The perfect combination of blue and white, this gold necklace is encrusted with 17 turquoise and 132 brilliant-cut diamonds of 5.28ct. This unique necklace was given to a lady by her husband after a trip to England.


Necklace encrusted with 170 baguette shaped diamonds (1.7 ct) and 433 brilliant-cut diamonds (4.33 ct). Weight: 83.9 g. Originally belonging to a noble family, this exquisite necklace boasts 170 baguette-cut diamonds. So beautiful, it has been likened to Cleopatra.

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