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Our diamond picks of the week 2

18th October 2016 by Nikolay Piriankov, posted in Diamonds, Guidance & Education

This is the second of our weekly diamond picks of the week blog post.

In each post we share some of the diamonds we have recently set into our custom engagement rings or just those that we’ve come across that we think are interesting and beautiful.

We begin with a rare pink coloured 1.16ct cushion cut diamond. The colour of this diamond in the GIA report is natural, fancy pink-Purple and it’s clarity is VS1. We would recommend setting this diamond in a rose gold setting to enhance its pretty pink colour tones. The rarity of pink diamonds, most of which are sourced from the Argyle mine in Australia, affects their price – with this diamond retailing at £130,000

The next option is a 0.51ct marquise cut diamond – very different from the round. This shape often flatters the finger of its wearer and appears larger than a round diamond of equal carat weight. It also looks great when set with accent diamonds on either side of it.

Finally, the last diamond is a 0.46ct round G-coloured VS-clarity diamond. What’s interesting to show here is that even though a VS2 clarity is the 6th clarity-grade on the scale (with Flawless being the rarest), it has very few visible inclusions, even at this level magnification. This is why we most often recommend VS1 or VS2 graded diamonds to our customers – as they deliver great value while appearing clean to the naked eye.

Interested to find more diamonds? Use our loose diamond search tool or send us an e-mail to find out more: [email protected]

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