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With a love of jewelry dating back to her island childhood, Lian’s foray into the jewelry industry came as a natural progression. As a bright and energetic personality, Lian’s love for people shines through!

Lian grew up on the small island of Grand Bahama, in the Bahamas. She was raised completely immersed in nature with her weekends spent at the beach. Her interest in jewelry was ignited when she inherited a piece of her father’s fine jewelry. The necklace featured a silver Spanish two reale coin, set in a gold chain. The historical coin came from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish treasure galleon that sunk during a hurricane off the Florida keys in September 1622, on it’s way from Havana bound to Spain. Through her inheritance of the coin pendant, the emotional capacity of jewelry was realized. The pendant represented a history of the Caribbean & a tale of Lian’s lineage.

The significance of this object inspired Lian to learn more about jewelry. She moved to London in 2013 to study events management at Regents University. Upon graduating, she yearned to be creative and began to explore the craft of jewelry, undertaking a manufacturing course at the British Academy of Jewellery. After completing the course, she began working at a family-run jeweler in Hatton Garden as well as designing and crafting her own pieces. Lian joined Taylor and Hart in 2019, drawn by our mission to be at the forefront of jewelry and technology.

Lian design consultant Taylor and Hart
coin necklace

Lian's Spanish silver 2 reale coin

“As well as my father’s coin necklace, my grandmother also wore beautiful jewelry, fuelling my obsession. As a kid, I loved collecting antiques and memorabilia. This infatuation with objects translated into my love for designing jewelry!”


Quickfire Q&A

What is your favourite gemstone?

A blue diamond.

What is your favourite stone shape?

A marquise!

What is your favourite metal?

Yellow gold.

How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?

Sleek, edgy, vibrant.

Sources Of Inspiration


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Sara Beltran | Oceanic Jewelry

Sara Beltran finds inspiration for her jewelry in the ocean, much like Lian finds inspiration for her personal designs in the Bahamas. Beltran uses a mixture of precious and semi precious stones with organic materials to create her luscious pieces.

“Sara’s beautiful jewelry showcases her love of the natural world, and I find her designs to be unique and expressive. I love that she is experimental with her materials, such as ebony, coral and shells. Her pieces always remind me of home.” – Lian

Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura | Materiality

Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura, of her brand Patcharavipa, is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her designs are known for bold aesthetics, and a delicate use of materiality and texture. The sweeping natural landscape of her home country provides inspiration for her carefully considered, original works.

“Patcharavipa’s visually stunning work is enhanced by her use of materials native to her country. I love that she uses materials that can only be found in Thailand–it underlines the provenance of her work” – Lian


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Contemporary Design-The 1950s

Lian's Favorite Design

Every ring we craft tells a story. Each of our incredibly talented design consultants are tasked with weaving this story into a fully-realised design, subtly imparting their flair and skill along the way. While each ring is designed with the utmost care and thought, our design consultants do have their favourites…

Lian’s favourite ring that she has designed is a dazzling three carat oval diamond engagement ring. The diamond is surrounded by a intertwined diamond halo, set in an 18kt yellow gold band. The customer wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary, by reworking his wife’s engagement ring.

“I enjoyed creating this engagement ring for a few reasons. The diamond was the most beautiful oval diamond I’d ever seen. Also, the customer wanted an engagement ring that also would work as a fashion statement, presenting a unique challenge!” – Lian

Lian’s passion for raw materials and design, as well as her obsession with the natural world informs her design process. With expertise in diamonds and a strong determination for the best, Lian will work tirelessly to make sure that our customers receive an expertly crafted engagement ring, with a considered design tailored to each individual’s story.

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