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5 Tips to your perfect engagement ring

5th November 2014 by Rebecca Smyth, posted in Diamonds

1. Find a good consultant and trust them.

As simple as a suggestion this seems, people seem to forget that this is the designers or consultants skill. A good consultant should be incredibly knowledgeable and the “Know it all” of engagement rings. If you find that the consultant is not particularly interested or doesn’t know some basic questions you want to know the answer to, as the famous scene in “Bridesmaids” highlighted, move on. This person does not know their stuff and will not be able to guide you through what is an emotional and important purchase.

2. A house must have a roof and walls.

Exciting and adventurous rings are great, but remember this is a piece of Jewellery unlike anything else your partner or you will ever wear. It must be beautiful, it must be worn for a long time so strength and structural integrity is as important as the design. Try to stay away from soft materials and gemstones like silver, or pearls for engagement rings. Diamond is best, followed by Sapphires and Rubies alongside Platinum and Gold. There are minimum requirements for what width the ring can be or how many claws are required. Its like designing a house but not wanting any roof. Certain widths and thickness requirements are in every ring design.

3. Do your own research.

Research the company, read the reviews and read up on diamonds. If you cant, or don’t have the time. Use the web, there are some great ways of getting what you want from the comfort of your own home!

4. Now is not the time to be discreet with those who could help you!

Pull in favours from her best friend and trust me, she can keep the secret. Ask her for some espionage help in getting a ring size or idea of taste. Women are usually very good at finding out what they like when shopping alone.

5. Diamond is King!

Nothing comes close, not even a little bit, so even if you pick the most fabulous Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald or Tourmaline. Remember to offset it with some tiny stars or in other words… Diamonds. I am yet to come across a woman who upon putting a diamond on her had said, “It’s hideous, it hurts my eyes! Take it off…” The famous saying is when Elizabeth Taylor visited London and was sitting next to Princess Margaret. With her rather fabulous Taylor Burton diamond perched upon her finger Princess Margaret said“Why do you wear such such a vulgar ring?” Elizabeth with her wit said “Why don’t you try it on?” As soon as the princess did, Elizabeth remarked

“Not so Vulgar now is it?”

If you have any questions about how to choose a diamond just let me know [email protected]

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