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Are engagement rings for women only?

mens engagement rings

February 29th. A date that only comes around once every four years. But what does this mean for the women of the world who are longing to seal their romance with a marriage proposal and are engagement rings for women only?

Technically, this date was introduced to balance the days of a calendar year. Yet according to old Irish legend, St. Brigid was dissatisfied with the length of time women had to wait for a man to propose, so she struck a deal with St. Patrick that allowed women to propose to men on this date, every four years.

Tradition dictates that proposals just aren’t as romantic unless it’s the man who gets down on one knee. But with the introduction of men’s engagement rings, it’s true that engagement rings aren’t just for women anymore.

If you’re the type of lady who desires to propose, you’re unlikely to be bound by the convention of this once-every-four-year date, and of course, you should feel comfortable to propose to your other half on any date you wish.

But this does beg the question… are engagement rings for women only?

The plain and short answer is no.

Here at Taylor & Hart, we’ve created an array of custom engagement rings for men and we’re going to show you a couple of our favourites.

Taking elements from classic engagement ring designs, this brushed rose gold ring with 13 triangle and trillion cut diamonds assorted across the band (pictured below) is a perfect example of a mens engagement ring. Weighing almost 10g, this engagement ring has a handsomely masculine finish, but still includes classic elements, typically seen in engagement rings for women, like rose gold and the use of diamonds.

rose gold triangle band

Another example is this 1.16ct emerald engagement ring, set East-West, as opposed to the traditional North-South setting seen amongst most emerald-cut diamond engagement rings for women.

The overall design offers a linear structure to the ring, with the mesmerising step cuts and facet structure of the emerald. The clean, brushed platinum setting is the perfect canvas to hold such an impressive stone, offsetting the sparkle of the diamond, giving it a masculine edge.

matte finished ring

No longer against the rules of true romance, mens engagement rings are a symbol of modernity and offer women and men everywhere the chance to ask for their loved one’s hand in marriage.

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