Diamond fluorescence refers to the intensity of a colored glow (usually blue) that is visible when a diamond is exposed to UV light. Under normal daylight, a diamond with a strong fluorescence is likely to look milky and lifeless.

For diamonds with faint or no fluorescence, this does not affect the natural appearance of the diamond but a more fluorescent diamond glows in natural sunlight too and this can be perceived as being undesirable in a white diamond.

The degree of fluorescence can vary as around one-third of all diamonds show some fluorescence, with 95% exuding a blue color – though green and yellow fluorescence diamonds can also be found, though much rarer than those with a blue hue.

Fluorescence is one indicator or grading variable for a diamond, but its presence does not necessarily affect how a diamond looks.

Grading Fluorescence

Fluorescence ranges from none through faint to medium, strong and very strong. A strong and very strong fluorescence can sometimes give the diamond a milky appearance which is why at Taylor & Hart we only offer diamonds of “none”, “faint” and “medium” fluorescence and in particular, we recommend fluorescence of “none” and “faint”. This is because we believe your diamond should look beautiful in all lights.

diamond fluorescence explained

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