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Madame Midnight, a Rare Pink halloween diamond ring

31st October 2014 by Rebecca Smyth, posted in Lifestyle

In celebration of Halloween we have designed a fabulous diamond ring that we named “Madame Midnight”.

Evoking the black mercurial quality of the colour black, naturally it was the colour of choice when it came to designing an iconic ring to celebrate all hallows eve. When considering something totally original that has never been done like that before, one has to sit and think about what is iconic but at the same time as stunning as it is unique.

The spider web was naturally something that came through when discussing what could work for the design and the first sketch I made based around the spider web was the ring you see before you. It is odd, sometimes you can see exactly what something will look like and all you need to hear is the word that sparks off the creative process.

Designed in Black Gold, an unusual alloy created specially by the finest casters, it’s magic is its odd and deep as it’s colour. Like black oil, it envelopes the finger and the shape designed in such a manner the web is like the dew that rests on a spiders web on a cold morning.

Structurally it is as unique under the setting as it is on top. With a 1.5ct Perfect D colour Flawless diamond held in an enigmatic double claw designed to represent the fangs of a Goliath Bird Eating Spider. As if the spider itself is holding onto the diamond for itself, and who could blame it for holding such a precious cargo.

After some thoughts I thought the name Lady Midnight fit perfectly as this really is for a Lady who wants to stand out from the ordinary. Who dares to be different on Halloween. Of course the best combination to pull off the look is a A/W 2015 Saint Laurent Gown paired with a Needle Point Stiletto by Jimmy Choo with makeup by Dior and Nails Inc.

To create your own little treasure, let our minds free on something totally one off own bespoke engagement ring.

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