Pavé Engagement Rings

With delicately set small stones along the band, pavé engagement rings offer a perfectly balanced level of sparkle.

What is a pavé engagement ring?

The pavé style is an engagement ring that has diamonds or other precious gemstones on the band. Named after the French word for paving stones, this style incorporates a center diamond or gemstones with shoulders that are paved with small stones, set closely together. Each stone is separated and held in place by individual microscopic metal settings, giving the appearance of the shoulders being dusted with diamonds. Sometimes it even looks like the ring is made of diamonds as the metal is hidden away below.

Why should I choose a pavé style engagement ring?

Engagement rings with diamonds down the band offer a more substantial appearance, perfect for capturing attention. However, pavé engagement rings are not the most suitable style for those who intensively use their hands on an everyday basis. Activities such as lifting weights, gardening, getting out of swimming pools, DIY, painting etc. will likely dull the appearance of your stones or damage the ring setting. We always advise removing your rings before these activities.

Which celebrities wear pavé engagement rings?

Well-known stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Meghan Markle and Blake Lively all don pavé engagement rings on their left hands. Their delicate finish provides the perfect balance of subtle sparkle–it’s no wonder the pavé style is frequently one of the most popular engagement ring styles.


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