Solitaire Engagement Rings

Designed to showcase the beauty of each center diamond, solitaire engagement rings exude a timeless grace and are an iconic symbol of union.

More about solitaire rings

Solitaire engagement rings are so sought after for their striking appearance that allows a singular center stone to, quite literally, take center stage.

Why should I choose a solitaire engagement ring?

An iconic yet simple design, solitaires are incredibly versatile, lending an undeniable beauty to all metals and any color or shape of gemstone. Far from plain, solitaire engagement rings are minimal and sleek, and the means to display a dazzling gemstone or diamond. If you choose a solitaire for your engagement ring, there’s always room for creating a more intricate wedding band which serves to compliment the center stone.

While their design may be seen as traditional, solitaire engagement rings are often customised with small design elements that can really personalise the design, all without compromising the sparkle and impact of the stone.

It’s easy to see why the classic solitaire engagement ring makes up almost 70% of the engagement ring market.

How to customize a solitaire engagement ring

Claw setting

Often referred to as single-stone engagement rings, there are many style and setting options to choose from within the solitaire family. The most popular choice is a prong-set solitaire. This sees the center stone held within four or six metal prongs surrounding the stone, holding it in place, maximising the amount of light that passes through the center stone. For even further customisation, these prongs, also known as claws, come in a variety of shapes.

round claws
flat claws
v l shape claw
pointed eagle
rounded eagle

Bezel setting

For a lower, more secure design, a bezel setting offers a contemporary take on a classic style. The centre stone is encased seamlessly with a piece of metal – combining security with a clean, modern aesthetic.

This setting style is ideal for those who keep active or work with their hands, as it offers a further element of protection to the centre stone.

Other customisations include tension settings, cathedral styles, engraved bands, filigree details in the collet-the possibilities for solitaire engagement rings are as numerous as they eye-catching.

bezel set round diamond engagement ring

How much is a solitaire engagement ring?

Solitaire engagement rings can vary in cost depending on the thickness of the band, whether the band has pave or not, and the size of the center stone.

Our solitaire engagement rings start at $675, and are available in 18ct yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, not including the center stone. Our platinum solitaire engagement rings start at $825, not including the center stone.

A 1 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring set in 18ct gold would begin at around $6,700. A 1 carat diamond solitaire ring in platinum would begin at around $7000.

A 2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring set in 18ct gold would begin at $22,700. A 2 carat solitaire diamond ring in platinum would begin at around $23,100.

What does a solitaire engagement ring symbolise?

The solitaire is a simple design for an engagement ring, but no less meaningful. The circular form of the band represents renewal and eternity as circles have no beginning and no end. Circles are symbolic of planets, especially the sun and the moon, and symbolise life’s interconnectedness.

A solitaire engagement ring combined with a single diamond or gemstone could come together to represent a myriad of meanings. A diamond is symbolic of light, brilliance, and pure love. If you’re looking for something more dynamic, pair a solitaire band with a gemstone. We offer a spectrum of different colored gemstones, from luscious emeralds to neon blue Paraiba tourmalines. Pair a yellow gold solitaire band with a ruby center gemstone, and your engagement ring would be the perfect symbol for passion and love. Pair a platinum solitaire engagement ring with a deep blue sapphire, and your blue ring would represent serenity and stability, great values to carry forth in a marriage!

Each diamond shape has its own meaning as well. For example, the round brilliant cut diamond represents commitment while the oval diamond shape represents rebirth and fertility. A pear shaped diamond reminds us of two arms embracing, and is meant to symbolise an intimate bond.

the moon

Who wears solitaire engagement rings?

Solitaire engagement rings are such an iconic ring style, so it’s no wonder celebrities gravitate towards the beautiful simplicity of this ring. Minimal and chic, a solitaire ring suits every occasion, whether it be the red carpet or your everyday errands!

Mila Kunis’s platinum 5 carat round diamond solitaire engagement ring perfectly suits her laid back style. Ashton Kutcher proposed with the sparkler in 2016, although Mila reportedly doesn’t wear her ring often– she loves it so much that she likes to keep it safe in her deposit box!

Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Bieber with a beautiful yellow gold solitaire oval diamond engagement ring, weighing a total of six to eight carats. Her elegant oval suits her trendy, cali-girl style as well as being completely timeless.

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