White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings remain a classic choice amongst modern brides and grooms, who desire the weight and feel of gold with the color and brightness of platinum.

About white gold engagement rings

White gold is a classic, chic choice for an engagement ring metal. White metals make up almost 70% of our engagement ring sales, indicating the universal popularity of the metal. Created through a mixture of pure gold and other alloyed metals, this metal is both high quality and quite durable. Historically, white gold has been prevalent throughout different style eras, such as the Art Nouveau period which saw free flowing lines and lustrous white metals combine to create beautiful jewelry.

The science

Depending on the carat, white gold is created with a specific mix of pure gold and other white metals, usually silver, palladium or nickel. 18kt gold is created with a weight of 75% gold and 25% other white metals. When casted, white gold is usually plated in rhodium to give it a radiant, silver sheen.

White gold comes in different carats, such as 9kt, 14kt and 18kt. At Taylor & Hart, we only sell 18kt engagement rings, as we believe this is the most durable and finest carat of gold. Lower carats contain a higher amount of white metals, and so for those who are hypoallergenic 18kt gold is best.

White gold vs platinum

The main advantage of white gold is that it’s usually cheaper than platinum. However, during uncertain times the price of gold tends to rise, as people invest in gold stocks. So currently, white gold could be just as expensive as platinum, if not more. A good jeweler will always be able to explain and track metal prices for you, ensuring you make the right decision at the time of your purchase.

The main disadvantage of white gold is that it is plated with rhodium to maintain its white sheen. White gold is mixture of yellow and white metals, meaning that it tends to have a slight yellow tint when left un-plated. Jewellers plate white gold jewelry with rhodium to ensure a silvery white finish. So although white gold is cheaper, it could cost more in the long run, as it would need re-plating every two years to maintain its color.

The advantage of platinum is that it is a more durable precious metal than white gold. It is naturally more dense, and a purer metal. Platinum does not need to be heavily alloyed with other metals, a platinum piece of jewelry usually contains 95-98% platinum and about 3-5% palladium. Platinum is not easily scratched, and can be simply polished over time to maintain its sheen.

The only disadvantage of platinum is that it is usually more expensive than white gold, because of its rarity. However, during these uncertain times, the cost of both metals could change to become relatively equal.

How much is a white gold ring?

Currently, a white gold engagement ring starts at about $810, excluding the center diamond.

How to care for white gold

As white gold engagement rings are plated, they take a little bit more maintenance than other precious metals. As with all plated jewelry, there are some measures you must take in order to make sure your white gold stays perfect. Before carrying out any laborious, hands-on tasks, it’s best to remove your jewelry. Remove your white gold jewelry while bathing or swimming, as the chemicals in soap or the pool can deteriorate the plating. Make sure to regularly clean your white gold pieces, as this helps to maintain its sheen.

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Celebrity white gold engagement rings

Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring is made out white gold, and famously once belonged to Princess Diana. Her ring features a 12 carat oval ceylon sapphire, surrounded by fourteen round brilliant diamonds. Her wedding band is also made out of welsh gold which is an incredibly rare type of gold that comes from two different mines in Wales. The tradition goes back centuries in the royal family.

Sophie Turner’s white gold engagement ring features a three carat pear shaped diamond set in a pavé double band. Joe Jonas proposed with the sparkler in October 2017, and since then they’ve enjoyed a happy marriage in the limelight!


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