Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

With its rich color and traditional roots, 18kt yellow gold makes an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Yellow gold engagement rings

Yellow gold is perhaps the most traditional of precious metal options, especially amongst bridal jewelry. The rich color, appearance and strength of a gold ring is synonymous with luxury and serves as the perfect representation of eternal unity combined with style. There’s a whole host of ways to customize your gold ring, from nature-inspired design elements to geometric, linear designs.

The science

Yellow gold used to craft engagement rings or wedding rings typically consists of pure gold (24 karat) mixed with other white metal(s), to achieve greater durability and desired color tone.

What is the difference between gold and yellow gold?

Pure 24 carat gold is not the most suitable material for crafting a ring, as it is too soft. As is the case with white gold and rose gold, in order to achieve 18 karat gold, 75% pure gold (which is naturally yellow in color) is blended with 25% other metals, known as alloys. Mixing the gold with the other white metals results in a softer, more creamy yellow 18 karat yellow gold color, as opposed to the brassy color of 24 karat gold.

Is platinum better than gold?

Platinum commands a more premium price point than gold because it is rarer and mined at a lower rate than gold. When it comes to choosing metal for a ring, it’s entirely up to personal preference, much like when choosing an engagement ring style. If it’s warm hues you’re after, look no further than yellow gold.

unique yellow gold engagement ring set with east west emerald diamond

Why should I choose a yellow gold engagement ring?

Despite seeing a slump in popularity over the last 30 years, yellow gold is no longer considered a dated trend and is making a triumphant return amongst bridal jewelry. Its rich, yet fresh appearance complements both modern and vintage-inspired ring designs–either as a bold juxtaposition or as a subtle nod to the concept of bridal traditions.

Combining yellow gold with contemporary designs and styles is a great way to juxtapose your engagement ring design. And with a marked resurgence in vintage-inspired rings in recent years, yellow gold works perfectly in designs inspired by eras gone by. That’s not to say that it can’t look strikingly contemporary. Its bold and fresh appearance works exceptionally well in both modern and vintage-inspired jewelry designs.

And last, but certainly not least, yellow gold engagement rings flatter all complexions, with their rich, warm tones.

How much is a yellow gold engagement ring?

There are plenty of myths surrounding how much you should spend on a diamond engagement ring–we’re sure you’ve heard of the three month’s salary rule, the one month salary rule or even the split-the-difference rule.

The US spends the most on engagement rings, with an average spend of $6,351 in 2017. While the average spend is less in the UK, it doesn’t mean people are buying inexpensive rings. Instead, we’ve seen a trend that has seen consumers move away from traditional choices, choosing to explore different designs, materials and styles as well as gaining a deeper understanding of a product’s value.

In summary, spend as much or as little on a ring as you are able to because no one should put a value on your love–it’s priceless.

What do Katy Perry, Meghan Markle and Mary-Kate Olsen all have in common? They all wear a yellow gold ring on their left hands. Yellow gold is steadily increasing in popularity as a traditional, yet bright choice, making up almost 15% of our engagement ring sales.


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