Game of Thrones jewellery: A Tale of Fire and Ice

game of thrones ring

In honour of the final season of the epic fantasy series Game Of Thrones, here at Taylor & Hart we have created two rings using famous icons from the series. As the series draws to a close, who will win in the tale of fire and ice, to sit on the iron throne?


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As the series draws to a close, we’ve reflected on the cultural phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. The series is a grand spectacle, and will forever be an epic television show. To illustrate the phenomenon, our thoughtfully designed rings will be a symbol of the show that has gripped the world!

Building on the themes of the final season, there’s a showdown for which noble family rules Westeros. However, ultimately there is a showdown between the living and the dead. Set in 18ct rose gold and black rhodium, one dragon breathes ice symbolised by reverse-set diamonds, and the other dragon breathes fire symbolised by orange and yellow sapphires.

Kate Earlam, Design Director

GoT fire_high res

The entire series has been centred on who sits on the Iron Throne, with ravens being the carriers of information amongst allies and foes alike. Ravens are passionate defenders of perceived threats. And just like ravens, every character at one point in the series has fought off a threat, perceived or real. Set in polished platinum, the ravens are emphasised by black rhodium making them seem more ominous.

Kate Earlam, Design Director

GoT ravens_high res

If you love Game Of Thrones and are looking for a way to keep the story alive forever, get in touch with us for one of our series themed rings. We take bespoke commissions as well, so if you are House Targaryen, contact us for your one of a kind ring!

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