Build your own engagement ring

About Our Engagement Rings

When shopping for your engagement ring, consider the metal type, band style, diamond shape, the band width and the diamond size and quality.

You can buy an engagement ring set with the following diamond and gemstone shapes: round brilliant, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, princess or square, marquise, asscher, radiant, heart, hexagonal, rose cut and even antique cuts like the Old European.

We craft engagement rings in platinum, 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat rose gold. Our engagement ring designs are available in various setting styles, including classic, vintage (e.g. Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro) and modern or contemporary styles.

Each design is shown without a centre stone which can be chosen at the next stage of the ring builder. The designs can be set with diamonds or gemstones; from traditional white diamonds to coloured ones, like pink, blue or yellow. Alternatively, each engagement ring can be set with side precious coloured gemstones that include blue, yellow, pink and peach-coloured sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

When it comes to the centre diamond or gemstone, our designs include trilogy, solitaire, pavé-set, channel-set, halos, east-west, and “moi et toi” designs.

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