A truly classic metal in jewellery design, gold is a timeless and popular choice for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and of course, those all-important engagement and wedding rings. This timeless and romantic metal expresses love’s value, rarity and endurance.

Its warmth and brightness continues to attract both women and men of all ages, despite the huge popularity of other metals. It appeals to such a wide range of jewellery wearers because of its high value, its lustrous shine and the fact that it complements both dark and light skin tones.

The fineness of gold is measured in carats (abbreviated ct), with the highest grading for gold being 24 carats. We design with 18ct gold, ensuring that all of our pieces exude that signature glowing shine that gold lovers are so fond of and that they are durable. This grading of gold is achieved by blending 75% gold with 25% other metals like silver and copper to toughen up the soft, yellow metal, known as an alloy. This results in a hard wearing, glossy finish that’s suitable for all kinds of rings, particularly those for everyday wear.

Look out for yellow, white and rose variations of this stunning metal.

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