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Captivating Duos: Marquise Engagement Rings with Complementary Wedding Bands


What is a marquise engagement ring?

A marquise engagement ring is characterised by a diamond cut that has a long, narrow shape that comes to pointed ends. Also known as the navette or little boat shape, it originated in 18th-century France and was inspired by the lips of the Marquise de Pompadour. This unique cut maximises the carat weight of the diamond, making it appear larger on the finger than other shapes of the same carat weight.

The marquise cut typically features 56 or 58 facets, creating a stunning display of brilliance and fire. Its elongated form not only lends an illusion of elongated fingers but also showcases a dramatic, somewhat regal aesthetic. The shape’s pointed ends often referred to as tips or wings, add an air of sophistication to any ring design.

Marquise engagement rings are versatile and can be set in various styles, including solitaires, halos, trilogies, and more. Their timeless appeal and particular silhouette make them a popular choice for those who like to blend classic elegance with a dose of individuality in their engagement ring. Whether paired with complementary wedding bands or adorned with intricate detailing, the marquise engagement ring stands as a symbol of romance and style.

What wedding band goes with a marquise engagement ring?

Selecting a wedding band to complement a marquise engagement ring involves considering the unique characteristics of this diamond cut. The elongated and pointed shape of the stone creates a stunning visual effect, and the choice of a wedding band can enhance it substantially.

For a classic and everlasting look, a simple and elegant band, like a straight or contoured diamond one, can complement a marquise engagement ring. This type of band allows the distinctive shape of the marquise to stand out while adding some sparkle.

A wedding band with a contour that mirrors the shape of the marquise will create a seamless and cohesive look. Custom-fitted bands, also known as shadow or fitted bands, are designed to sit flush against the engagement ring, so if that’s your preferred aesthetic then this is the shape for you.

A halo or pavé-set wedding band can complement the brilliance of the marquise by introducing additional sparkle. The delicate diamonds surrounding the band create a harmony that accentuates the central diamond in a very attractive way.

Marquise solitaire engagement rings with wedding bands

A solitaire engagement ring is a rather exquisite choice, showcasing the beauty of the marquise cut diamond and its sensual peaks and curves. This timeless setting allows the diamond’s unique shape to take centre stage, creating a romantic piece that captivates the eye from any side.

When it comes to selecting a wedding band to complement the marquise solitaire, there are plenty of options. For those who prefer a classic touch, round or flat bands serve as terrific companions. Then we have, diamond-accented bands such as infinity, devotion, or petite eternity bands that add that extra sparkle to the ensemble.

For a more distinctive look, bands with a slightly different silhouette prove to be excellent choices. The chevron bands, with their dramatic dips, complement the marquise shape exceptionally well, accentuating the diamond’s pointed edges. The versatility of the marquise solitaire engagement ring allows for a myriad of combinations, ensuring that each bride can find the perfect pairing that reflects their personal style and taste.

Marquise halo engagement rings with wedding bands

The marquise cut diamond, celebrated for its ability to maximise carat weight and create the illusion of a larger appearance on the finger, takes on a dazzling new dimension when paired with a halo of melee diamonds. This design not only enhances the perceived size of the centre stone but also amplifies its brilliance, making the marquise halo engagement ring a captivating choice indeed.

When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding band to complement the marquise halo engagement ring, diamond-accented bands are a great choice, especially if you’re a fan of flash. To complete the overall look with some sophistication and sparkle, you could consider options such as a petite eternity band or an infinity band. With their intricate diamond detailing, they create a radiant wedding ring set that’s as graceful as it is classy. The combination of the marquise halo engagement ring with any one of these wedding bands will create an ensemble that celebrates this distinctive diamond shape in a way that best represents you.

Marquise trilogy engagement rings with wedding bands

The marquise three-stone engagement ring setting offers a meaningful canvas for your love story. This setting, featuring a trio of brilliant marquise cut diamonds, is inherently eye-catching. Selecting the right wedding band to complete a one-of-a-kind look is an exciting endeavour.

For a truly diamond-forward aesthetic, you could pair the marquise trilogy engagement ring with a petite eternity band. This combination not only accentuates the brilliance of the central marquise but also creates a seamless stack for those who enjoy that look.

If your marquise is accompanied by side stones of a different shape, an alternating shapes band adds some intrigue and uniqueness to the ensemble. 

A half pavé band introduces the perfect amount of shimmer to your stack, complementing the brilliance of the marquise three-stone engagement ring. Whether opting for classic or unconventional pairings, the versatility of this setting ensures a personalised and enchanting representation of your love.

Vintage-inspired engagement rings with wedding bands

A vintage-inspired engagement ring with a matching wedding band evokes a sense of nostalgia, blending timeless elegance with intricate design details. The allure of vintage styles lies in their ability to capture the essence of a bygone era while seamlessly fitting into any decade.

For those drawn to the charm of the Art Deco era, the hover or signature bezel setting is a perfect choice. Reminiscent of the romance of days gone by, this setting highlights the distinctive form of the marquise cut diamond. Its geometric precision and clean lines pay homage to the Art Deco aesthetic, adding even more sophistication to the overall ensemble. A vintage-inspired engagement ring with these unique settings and a coordinating wedding band becomes a timeless symbol of love, encapsulating the beauty and romance of eras past.

Pairing a marquise engagement ring with the right wedding band involves thoughtful consideration of the diamond’s signature shape. The elongated and pointed marquise cut lends itself to a variety of band styles, from classic and timeless straight bands to custom-fitted options that mirror the shape seamlessly. Delicate pavé-set bands or halos enhance the brilliance of the marquise, creating a harmonious ensemble. Whatever end result you’re hoping for, our skilled team of jewellery experts can help guide you on your journey.

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