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How to Pair Halo Engagement Rings With Your Wedding Band: A Handy Guide

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that your engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. In short, it’s a cherished piece of jewellery that holds deep sentimental value. When it comes time to choose a wedding band to accompany your engagement ring, it’s essential to make a decision that not only complements the ring but also reflects your own style as well as the special bond you share with your partner. For those who have a halo engagement ring, the task may seem a bit more complicated due to its unique shape. However, with the right guidance, selecting the best wedding band to pair with your halo ring can actually be rather fun, with a beautiful result.

Understanding Your Halo Ring

Before you dive into the process of choosing a wedding band, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of your halo engagement ring. Halo rings are characterised by a central gemstone encircled by smaller accent diamonds or stones. The shape, size, and style of your engagement ring will play a significant role in determining the most suitable wedding band.

Know the Silhouette: The shape of your halo engagement ring’s centre stone is a crucial factor to consider here. Popular shapes include round, cushion, oval, pear, and emerald, among others. The shape will influence the overall aesthetics and the type of wedding band that goes with it best.

Appreciate the Design Elements: Halo engagement rings can vary in design elements such as the size of the halo, the width of the band, and the intricacy of the detailing. These design features should guide your choice of wedding band to make sure they not only look fantastic together but feel good on your finger.

Balance the Flash

One of the key aspects to consider when choosing a wedding band for a halo engagement ring is achieving the right balance of sparkle and shine. Halo rings are known for their stunning centre stones and the additional brilliance provided by the surrounding accent diamonds. The wedding band could either match the energy of your engagement ring, especially if you have something super elaborate or intricate, or it could also juxtapose it with something very simple and vice versa. The choice is yours.

Halo Engagement Rings with Pavé Wedding Bands

Many couples opt for diamond-studded wedding bands to match the sparkle of their halo rings or gemstone pavé rings for a pop of colour. When selecting a pavé wedding band, pay attention to the size, shape, and setting of the diamonds or gemstones. A pavé wedding band setting is a popular choice as it maximises the sparkle of the diamonds.

Halo Engagement Rings with Plain Wedding Bands

If you prefer a more understated and classic look, pairing a halo engagement ring with a plain polished wedding band can be an excellent choice. A plain band allows the halo engagement ring to take centre stage, and it can create a lovely contrast between the intricate design of the halo and the simplicity of the band. Balancing the sparkle of your ring design with the simplicity of a less elaborate wedding band means the two pieces create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Halo Engagement Rings with Curved or Contoured Bands

Curved or contoured wedding bands are designed to follow the shape of your engagement ring, creating a seamless fit. These bands can be an ideal choice for halo engagement rings, as they enhance the overall aesthetics and ensure a snug fit.

Oval halo with wedding band combinations

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Round halo with wedding band combinations

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Pear halo with wedding band combinations

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Cushion cut halo with wedding band combinations

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Picking the best wedding band for your halo engagement ring is a big decision, so it’s important to consider factors such as metal compatibility, design elements, and personal style. Whether your ring is oval, round, pear, cushion, or emerald cut, finding the right match enhances the look and feel of your bridal set. Take your time, explore your options, and, if possible, seek professional guidance for a pairing that works for you. The result will be a wonderful combination that symbolises your love and commitment, ensuring your rings shine as brightly as your future together.

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