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A beautiful wedding ring, crafted especially for you

Custom wedding ringsCustom wedding rings

Custom Wedding Rings

With such a wide selection of ladies’ and men’s wedding ring styles and finishes, we’re here to help you land on a wedding ring that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

If a simple pavé diamond wedding band just doesn’t cut it, why not consider a custom wedding band? With so many various ways of customising a ring, it’s never been easier to create a wedding band that reflects your story. From coloured gemstones, to engravings and various metal finishes, you should create a custom wedding ring that expresses your individuality. You might already have a custom engagement ring and are looking for something to compliment your design, or you might be simply looking for a wedding band that isn’t off the shelf. Whatever the reason, we would love to take you on that design journey.

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Mens & Ladies Wedding Rings

The exchange of wedding rings is one of the most poignant moments of any wedding, a gesture signifies the official beginning of your marriage. Although quite simple, it’s one of the most significant pieces of jewellery that you will ever own.

At Taylor & Hart, we design men’s and ladies wedding rings that are to be treasured for a lifetime. We only use the highest quality metals, such as 18ct yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. All of these metals are resistant to the wear and tear of daily life, and will last for generations.

Our certified and ethically sourced diamonds are GIA graded, and carefully inspected to ensure that the diamonds are eye-clean and have no visible inclusions. Our consultants are experts, trained to craft rings to perfection.

At Taylor & Hart, the design possibilities are endless. We will guide and support you from when you first begin to browse and look for inspiration, to the delivery of the ring. Our design consultants are qualified designers, and have obtained prestigious jewellery qualifications from some of the best institutions across the country.

What elements should you consider when choosing custom wedding rings?

When creating a custom wedding ring, there are a few elements that should be considered and whole host of ways that you can customise your wedding ring design. Firstly, make sure that your wedding band design compliments your engagement ring. If you have a bespoke engagement ring, you could take inspiration from the design to craft your wedding band. A popular idea is to take elements from a bespoke engagement ring and incorporate them in a subtle way into you and your partner’s wedding bands.

Regardless of whether you and your partner want matching wedding bands, the choice of precious metal is important. 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold all make very durable wedding bands. Platinum is a great choice for those who love the look of white gold, but would like a metal that doesn’t need as much maintenance.

It’s important to have a basic idea of the direction you’d like to take your custom design in. Whether it be a particular aesthetic, or a sentiment that you would like to be symbolised, our consultants will guide you into making the perfect choice for you and your partner.

Engraved yellow gold matching wedding rings


It’s important to have a basic idea of the direction you’d like to take your custom design in. Whether it be a particular aesthetic, or a sentiment that you would like to be symbolised, our consultants will guide you into making the perfect choice for you and your partner.

Have a look through our diamond and precious gemstone guide, as it’s great to get an idea of everything that is available before designing your wedding rings. You don’t have to stick to just metal colours and diamonds, we have precious emeralds, sapphires and rubies available to customise your rings with. Sapphires come in a wide range of unexpected colours, such as pink, purple, teal, and yellow. We also have coloured diamonds, with yellow and pink diamonds being a popular colour for pavé in wedding bands. Choose a gemstone that is symbolic of you and your partner, such as birth stones or favourite colours.

As well as precious gemstones, we can engrave and add filigree or milgrain to your wedding bands, which adds another layer of personalisation to your design. From patterns, text and dates, we can add unique elements to your wedding rings to express your individuality.

Ladies wedding rings

Women’s wedding ring designs are almost limitless. From organic hand engraving to bold, geometric lines and colours, you can truly design your wedding ring to be one of a kind. Browse through our selection of ladies wedding rings to get an idea of the different design possibilities out there. From delicate pavé bands to larger eternity rings, our wedding bands are thoughtfully designed to create a selection of unique wedding bands.

We can create a custom wedding band with a selection of metals, and use fancy cut diamonds to accentuate a pattern in a ladies wedding band. We have an array of different settings and styles to set your wedding ring with, such as half eternity bands and full pavé eternity bands.

White diamonds set in platinum is one of the most popular combinations for ladies wedding rings, but recently warmer tones such as yellow gold and rose gold have become a big favourite. Diamond pavé is always a popular choice for a ladies wedding ring, as the added sparkle compliments an engagement ring. Unique diamond shapes such as marquise and baguette cut diamonds are often used to create delicate floral or alternative patterns in a wedding band.

Mens wedding rings

Men’s wedding ring styles have evolved over time. From mixed metal and gemstones, to inlays, milgrain edges, and textured metal finishes—unique men’s wedding ring designs are increasingly on-trend and perfect for those who want to stand out for their originality. Some couples prefer to have matching wedding rings, and some have completely different wedding rings suited to their individual styles. Be inspired by our collection and gallery of men’s wedding rings.

Platinum is our most popular metal for men’s wedding rings. Simple, polished platinum wedding bands are a timeless choice, followed by engraved bands with a subtle accent, such as black diamond pavé. Yellow gold is our second most popular metal, polished to a beautiful finish for classic wedding bands. For bespoke men’s wedding rings, we can create two toned metal wedding bands, featuring the best of both worlds with a combination of both yellow, rose gold and platinum.

Begin your bespoke design journey today by contacting us. With the help of one of our design consultants, we will work tirelessly to help you create your dream wedding bands.

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How to order your custom wedding rings

The design journey begins with a look at our collection and gallery of bespoke wedding rings, allowing you to get an idea of what you’d like. With a variety of metal finishes, combinations, and styles available for wedding rings, there’s a design to suit every taste.

Once you have a little inspiration, we then pair you with a design consultant, with whom you’ll have one-on-one personal consultations to hone in on what your design will be. When the edit is finished, you can review and finalise your design by looking at a 3D CAD render of your ring that we’ll prepare for you. This allows you to see what the ring would look like before it is created. Once you’re happy, you place your order and we create your wedding rings in about four weeks.

We work to make the process of choosing a wedding ring as easy and seamless as possible so you’re able to choose a wedding ring that best represents your unique love story combined with the finest materials.

How much do custom wedding rings cost?

Our bespoke wedding rings start at £550 per ring if you were to choose yellow gold or rose gold. Our platinum custom wedding rings start at £650 per ring. The price varies depending on the complexity of the design, and the carat weight of either the diamonds or gemstones involved. Our design consultants will guide you during the design process, to make sure that your custom wedding rings fit with your budget.

How long does it take to make custom wedding rings?

After finalising your order, we take up to four weeks to craft and deliver your ring. We will keep you up to date with the progress of your ring via email, and when it’s ready to be delivered we’ll notify you. We personally inspect every single ring upon completion to ensure it’s of the highest quality and exactly like the wedding ring you imagined.

If you’re planning on buying a custom wedding ring, we’re here to provide an excellent selection of jewellery, as well as bespoke design service to create a unique wedding ring. Your wedding ring will be one of the most treasured pieces of jewellery you’ll ever wear, so our most important goal is to provide you with a memorable experience. Please contact us today to begin the design process, or come and visit us at one of our London or NYC showrooms.

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