Behind the Design: Ash & Evan

In botanical gardens on a cliffside of the Costa Brava, Ash & Evan got engaged with the soundtrack of a Spanish Flamenco playing behind them with Evan’s mother there to watch and live stream the moment to Ash’s family in Uganda.

Evan masterfully organised for the videographer and photographer to ‘bump into’ the couple while they were vlogging their walk to the gardens. They explained that they were waiting for two models who were running late and asked if Ash & Evan would be their practice shot subjects. Ash fell for it and excitedly obliged, thinking it “was like those moments on TikTok when a photographer asks if they can take your picture”.

“We posed in different spots as we made our way down the garden to a circle area at the cliff’s edge as the sun set” Evan explains. “There was a big heart outlined by colourful seashells in the centre of the circle, and when we got to the bottom, the guitarist started playing. Ash gasped, saw my mom, and started crying as I proposed in her mother language, Runyankole.”

It translates to, “I know you don’t like long speeches, so I will make this short. Someone once said seashells are like love letters in the sand.”

Then I picked up a seashell ring box…and got on one knee and said, “So this is my love letter to you. Will you be mine forever?”

But why was this engagement ring design so perfect for Ash?

Evan chose a modified Lantana, featuring a pear shaped centre diamond accented by a fanning cluster of marquise shape diamonds.

He was drawn to the unique pear shape centre because it came to a point, almost like the centre jewel of a crown and explains “I wanted it to be like a crown on her finger.”

Certain the blushy hue would look perfect on Ash’s skin colour, Evan opted for 18ct rose gold and he chose an emerald signature stone to fit with Ash’s existing jewellery. He always buys Ash malachite jewellery so he wanted to somehow incorporate that green colour she’s always wearing into the engagement ring design itself.

I came across the Lantana design and immediately I loved it. It looked like a star exploding. It was perfect because it felt like a symbol of how special Ash is. She’s like the star of my life and I wanted to represent that in a ring.


Every element of the ring design was considered and symbolises something special about the relationship between Ash & Evan. And that’s exactly what custom jewellery is all about. Capturing the little details that makes your love so extraordinary and translating them into a design.

Ash absolutely loves the ring. I love it too and can’t believe how much it sparkles even in the dark.

We wish Ash & Evan a lifetime full of adventure and milestone moments. Watch the full video of their proposal here.

And if you’re feeling inspired, get in touch to bring your own love story to life. What could be more special?!

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