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Today, Millennials see marriage as a shared effort, an equal partnership in which two people take on the world together. Everything is now done together—from planning a honeymoon to paying the rent to childcare—which may sound obvious, but it’s important to realise that it wasn’t so long ago when marriage was divided by strict gendered expectations. Now, 75% of couples choose an engagement ring together, with 28% of these couples saying both people were ‘very’ involved in the process. Gone are the days of shopping for an engagement ring on your own—this 100-year tradition seems to be at an end. 

Couples of all kinds have realised that nowhere else in your relationship is it better to go things alone, so why shop for your rings by yourself?

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A ‘hand in hand’ approach to design takes on many meanings. It starts with a couple undertaking this process together. No matter who comes into the consultation room, both halves of a couple are part of the design journey. The collaboration can range from hints, to subtle discussions, to joint decisions to fully engaging in the process together. But the bottom line is, no one feels on their own.

Hand in hand is also about the experience shared by a design and a customer. Our customers work collaboratively with their dedicated consultant to design a ring that captures the essence of their relationship, something that wouldn’t be possible without real human connection.

Embracing a world where we all live hand in hand is a key tenet of a more inclusive and accepting society. When we stand together for what’s right, we acknowledge that all love deserves celebration.

A collaborative outlook is what pushes us to work alongside our suppliers to strive towards sustainable choices and ethical practices, as laid out in our recent Sustainability Roadmap. Connecting each ring we make to our global community drives us to make choices that support social and environmental sustainability.

Finally, hand in hand has taken on a particularly poignant meaning within the context of the ongoing pandemic. There’s no extinguishing the inherent human need for connection and togetherness, and this moment in history has taught us to value these things above all else.

No matter how you frame it, we’re living in an era of ‘togetherness’. Afterall, together is what makes a relationship strong. Together makes adventures worth taking. Together is how we build a world that’s worth fighting for.

With the “Hand in Hand” campaign, we’re expressing the joy and success that comes with working as a team. Whether that means shopping for your partner’s engagement ring hand in hand, working side by side with an expert jewellery designer, or standing arm in arm with the whole world to make sustainable choices. Whatever it is, let’s do it together.


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