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Unisex Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have classically been known as glamorous, feminine and very sparkly expressions of our love. However, seeing as it is a symbol of two people’s unique bond, engagement rings don’t need to follow this aesthetic tradition! They’re design should be as one of a kind as the person wearing it. So why not explore our selection of minimalist, classic unisex engagement rings, perfect for every kind of person.

Bespoke unisex engagement rings

Find some design inspiration in our collection of custom unisex engagement rings.

Coloured Gemstones

With an array of diamonds and coloured gemstones available, we can source custom fancy diamond cuts that will allow you to create a one of a kind ring. We have sapphires in every colour, and pink, yellow, and blue diamonds available to customise your ring with.

Emerald cut emerald


We only use precious metal such as 18ct yellow, white, or rose gold and platinum. Our workshop can finish your metal bands in a number of ways, from a classic high polish to a beautiful matte, or for those who prefer something alternative, pebbled or sandblasted metal.

ring metal finishes copy

Vintage Unisex Engagement Rings

Taking inspiration from the most popular vintage eras, a vintage unisex engagement ring could make a beautiful statement piece. During the European Renaissance, unisex jewellery used to be all the rage, with detail and flamboyance embraced by both genders!

Vintage platinum round diamond engagement ring with filigree

What is a unisex engagement ring?

A unisex engagement ring is a gender neutral ring, and stylistically combines understanded and timeless jewellery with added twists of originality. Men’s wedding bands traditionally lack much of the creative expression and individuality of an engagement ring, yet engagement rings are typically quite feminine and ornate. A unisex engagement ring focuses more on artful design, and is created to appeal to anyone.

Do both partners wear engagement rings?

Traditionally, women wear engagement rings and men wear standard wedding bands. But there’s a growing interest among men to wear their own engagement rings. Becoming engaged isn’t just a proposal from one person to another, but an agreement that as a couple you want to enter a new phase of your love together. While women typically wear an engagement ring to signify this moment, there is no reason why men shouldn’t wear a ring to celebrate this too.

Unisex Wedding Bands

A wedding band can range from bold, heavier styles to something quite delicate with a lot of sparkle. Unisex wedding bands often combine elements of both. A unisex wedding band could be a simple yellow gold band that’s got a substantial thickness without being too heavy. A unisex wedding band could feature diamond pavé, or could be an eternity ring featuring a row of sparkling diamonds. A wedding ring should compliment your engagement ring, so keep that in mind when designing a unisex wedding ring.

A diamond wedding ring can be completely customised, with fancy diamond cuts such as the emerald, princess and baguette. Consider a coloured gemstone, such as a sapphire or ruby to personalise your wedding ring. For a unisex ring, black diamond pavé would add a touch of unexpected glamour.

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