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“Neither of us wanted it to end, so four years later…here we are – engaged!”

19th February 2018 by Rebecca Smyth, posted in Our Story, The Proposal

We catch up with the lovely Róisín & Tina, whose love has gone the distance despite an initial year of long-distance. They share their enchanting proposal story, the thought process behind their ring designs, and their exciting plans for the future.

How did you meet?

R: We met about four years ago online, I was living in London and Tina was down here in Bournemouth. So we started talking and it just blossomed from there.

We met in May, and I was going back home to Ireland in August to go back to university for a year.

It was kind of supposed to be a summer thing but neither of us wanted it to end, so four years later…here we are – engaged!


What was the moment you knew she was the one?

*Both laugh*

T: That’s a good question! Well, she liked my food which was a good start!

R: And she can kinda cook too, so y’know that’s good for me.

T: Ró is a teacher, so I think that she probably gets along with my teenage-like mind quite well. She knows how to handle me – that’s a good plus.

R: I guess we complement each other in a way.

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real customer proposal love stories

Is there a favourite memory you share together?

There’s so many with Tina. Every day, every week, we can make a new favourite memory.


I remember when we first started dating, I had moved back to Ireland and Tina came to visit me.

I took her sightseeing in Dublin and we went to the Leprechaun museum. Because I was still studying, I got a student discount and Tina was wearing this awesome t-shirt which said ‘always be yourself…unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman’.

The person behind the till looked at Tina and said “Oh, you like Batman?” and Tina was like “Yeah!” so the person behind the till said “Right you’re a student of Batman, I‘ll give you student discount too!” It was so hilarious – I ended up stealing that t-shirt from her!

She’ll never find it again – it’s mine now.

T: …where is that t-shirt anyway?!?

R: You won’t find it, don’t even try.

T: When Ró was living in Ireland, I forgot I had given her house keys for my flat at the time and one night, I was already half asleep, there suddenly was a noise at the door which I originally thought was my flatmate coming home. However, my room’s door opened without a knock and while I was busy having a heart attack thinking it was a robbery Ró was dumping her bag and announcing she came for a surprise visit…I don’t like surprises…

What is it about each other that makes you smile in addition to the cooking and quirky t-shirts?

T: I think Ró can be very randomly funny and silly. We can have the most serious discussion and the next moment she can be dancing around and doing some funny wiggles.

R: I love dancing with Tina in the kitchen – it’s fun.

T: For her.

R: For me, yes! You don’t really dance unless I make you. Tina thinks of things that I don’t. She’s very practical.

T: I’m very German about things! I’m rational and Ró is more an emotional type.

R: Yeah so it’s nice. Every time I’m having an emotional moment, worrying about something, she’s there to share it with me and point out the silliness of worrying over something I can’t control. And of course, she can be incredibly silly and adorably cute. Although she likes to think she’s in charge – but she’s not.

T: I’m not. Deep down I know I’m not.

happy proposal story

How did you decide to get engaged?

T: I was going to Switzerland for a couple of months. And we hadn’t really spent that amount of time apart for a while. Ró had gone back to Ireland for a year but that was at the beginning of the relationship.

So I was missing her the first few days. And I was just like “Yeah ok, that’s it. I need to bind her to me for good.”

*R laughs*

T: Because I had a lot of time in Geneva, I started making plans. All of my ideas, y’know, going to Durdle Door or Jurassic coast and proposing there, like everyone else does.

When it actually came to the proposal, just two weeks before, Róisín had mentioned that she’d never made a proper fort from blankets as a child. And I thought that can’t be!

So I came up with the idea of creating a blanket fort in our living room and made it look like a pirate cave with treasure inside. I connected the ideas of proposing with the treasure, by making it a treasure hunt where Ró would have to find the ring in the fort.

treasure hunt trove proposal

Yeah it was a very spontaneous plan in the end, even though I’d been thinking about the proposal for a year before that.


R: I had no idea at all because she was texting me all day about work stuff. She even asked me if I’d pick up the shopping on the way home from school. It was a regular day and I came home to Tina handing me a map to go and hunt for treasure around the apartment.

I’d had a stressful week and it was something that was 100% Tina.

If you knew her, or me, or our relationship, it’s a normal thing for us to do. So I was galloping around the place trying to find the treasure. I didn’t even suspect at that point – it was just a totally normal, crazy adventure that Tina was bringing me on!

But I really didn’t have a clue. Tina had scattered the fort with chocolate coins – I was thrilled about the chocolate! Then I saw the box. And I had found a key for the lock and I opened it up and was stunned by the ring.

paraiba tourmaline celtic engagement ring

I kind of froze. And Tina said ‘Well, will you marry me now?’


T: From that point on, the story gets a bit blurry in her head. Because what actually happened was that Róisín’s first reaction was ‘Is this for real?!’ and then after about 30 seconds, I was still there, arms shaking, waiting for an answer.

R: I have no recollection of that. I just remember saying yes, of course.

T: It was amazing!

R: Then she told me how much time she’d spent designing my ring, going through different designs and stones with her design consultant for months to make sure it was perfect.

A couple of days later, I emailed Tina’s design consultant saying that I’d like to design a ring for my girlfriend. So she had to go through the whole process again with me trying to perfect Tina’s ring. She did a beautiful job. I suppose it was easier for me because I knew what kind of ring Tina wanted.

Her ring has an ivy, natural theme thing because Tina is big into plants and nature. So I knew what I wanted for Tina and my design consultant was amazing at seeing that and creating this beautiful ring for us. It matches my one but is also different at the same time, like us!

The colour of Paraiba tourmalines is our favourite colour. I don’t think the rings would have been quite as beautiful to us if they had a diamond instead.

matching paraiba tourmaline engagement rings

What plans do you have for the future?

T: The next plan is the wedding.

R: Yes, the wedding. We’re going to get married in Germany, that’s where Tina’s family are and my family love to travel, so that’s our next big adventure. We’re taking our time with the planning – trying to enjoy every step of the stress that is a wedding. We’re using Pinterest to get lots of ideas.

T: It’s nice because you see a picture and think you know what you want and then you see another and think ‘Ohhhh I like that too’.

R: Then you end up with hundreds of pins on your board that you might never use, but they’re all great ideas!


Congratulations again to Róisín & Tina on your engagement and thank you for letting us share your wonderful story!

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