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Resizing Policy

Can I have my ring resized?

For our UK, US, EU, Australian, New Zealand & Canadian customers, we offer one free ring resize with every purchase within six months of receiving or collecting your order. Second or additional resizings outside of this six month period are possible for UK customers for a fee.

For UK, US, EU, Australian, New Zealand & Canadian customers, we kindly ask that you bring the ring back to our showroom and/or cover the cost of shipping the ring back to us, but we’ll ship it back to you free of charge. Kindly note that we will require a minimum of three weeks for standard resizing for customers based in the EU, Australia, New Zealand & Canada.

Please note that if you need your ring resized by more than two sizes within the six month complimentary resize period, there may be a fee to remake the ring starting from £300 incl. VAT.

Please note that all aftercare appointments will be at our workshop:
Brownlow House, Floor 2
50-51 High Holborn

Once the ring arrives at our workshop, it will go through an inspection which takes five working days, and any standard resizing service takes a minimum of 15 working days. Depending on where your ring will be returned to, you should also allow additional time for shipping.

If we require more time for the nature of the service, then our Customer Care team will make you aware at the time of the inspection.

How much can the size be adjusted?

Please note that if the ring size change is more than two sizes bigger or smaller, there may be a fee to remake the ring starting from £300 incl. VAT. To find out more information on remaking your ring, please visit our Returns Policy.

Can all rings be resized?

Some designs aren’t able to be resized, for example, full eternity rings or twisted bands. In this case, the product pages of certain collection pieces will state if they are unable to be resized. For bespoke designs, your design consultant will notify you if your design is unable to be resized.

If you choose a design which is non-resizable, then the ring mount isn’t covered by our returns policy.

If your ring is engraved and requires a second engraving due to the resize, there is a fee for this service.

What if I don’t know my partner’s ring size when I purchase the ring?

If you’re unsure about the ring size before ordering, send us a photo of your partner’s hand and we will estimate their ring size—we have lots of experience in guessing ring sizes!

Alternatively, you can visit our ring size guide for some tips. If you’re based in the UK or US, you can also request for a ring size gauge to be sent to you before placing your order. Simply get in touch with our Customer Care Ambassadors who can sort this for you.

How is a ring resized?

To resize your ring, we make a very small incision in the back of the band and reduce or extend the ring to the exact size required. To rejoin the ring back together we use a welding technique called laser welding. We prefer this method to the traditional soldering method as it’s cleaner and produces better results. It also dramatically reduces the risk involved with resizing or repairing rings set with gemstones as there is very little heat involved.

Once this process is completed, we re-polish and clean the ring to seamlessly hide any evidence of alteration.

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