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Sapphire Ring Designs

When it comes to engagement rings, the traditional diamond solitaire is no longer the standard option for many couples. In recent years, a growing number of couples has been opting for sapphire engagement rings, which offer a unique and beautiful alternative to the classic diamond ring.

One option is a ring that features the sapphire as the centre stone, surrounded by smaller diamonds. This combination of sapphire and diamonds creates a ring that is eye-catching in its own special way. This is a perfect option for those who want the best of both worlds – the unique and striking colour of a sapphire with the timeless elegance of diamonds.

Another popular option is to have sapphires down the sides of the ring while the centre gem remains a diamond. And perhaps the most popular style at the moment is a sapphire and diamond ‘Toi et Moi’ ring which positions both as centre stones and creates a design silhouette that will look extraordinary.

We’ve cut out the guesswork by hand-selecting all the sapphires in our database from our ethical suppliers. Plus, our gemstone specialists are always on-hand to give you expert guidance on how to pick the ring that’s right for you. All you have to do is decide which colour best captures your love story.

What is a sapphire?

Sapphires are a little bit like magic–they come in a full spectrum of dazzling hues, so choose a colour of sapphire that brings your love to life. Match them with your partner’s birthstone, their favourite colour or just choose the precious gemstone that calls to you most.

Learn more about the science, symbolism and history of sapphires here and prepare to be charmed.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Gallery

Be inspired by our sapphire engagement rings, individually designed with love by you and crafted by us.

Taylor & Hart blue pear sapphire pear diamond side yellow gold band
emerald cut yellow sapphire with side baguette diamonds bead set diamond band
Taylor and hart oval teal sapphire diamond halo white gold pave
Taylor and Hart pear shaped orange sapphire yellow gold band solitare
round pink sapphire with diamond halo engagement ring
taylor and hart pale green sapphire emerald side diamonds miligrain white gold
Taylor and hart marquise pink sapphire white gold micro pave side oval diamond
blue oval sapphire twist band diamond pave white gold engagement ring

Where do sapphires come from?

Sapphires can be found all around the globe. The best quality sapphires with the richest colour tones are often sourced in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Australia and the US.

Maneesha, our Gemstone Buyer, is based in the Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka, known as ‘The City of Gems’ and works directly with the mines to source the most mesmerising sapphires. To learn more about our procurement team there, visit our blog.

Why should I choose a sapphire engagement ring?

Sapphires are an amazing choice for an engagement ring, as they’re durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear. A sapphire ring should last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations if cared for properly.

Sapphires come in many colours which allow you to pick one that expresses your individuality. Unlike diamonds that are known for their fire and brilliance, sapphires are known for their variety of colours and subtle energy present within the stone. Sapphires might not sparkle in the same way as diamonds, but it’s their rich colour that makes this gemstone truly special.

Of all the tones found in blue sapphires, the Kashmir and Ceylon blue sapphires are amongst the most coveted. Amongst the rarest of fancy sapphires are the Padparadscha, which are a delicate balance of orange and pink. Padparadscha translates to ‘tropical lotus flower’ in Sanskrit, reflecting its striking colour.

The variety and range of colours ensure that each gemstone has subtle differences, adding to its distinctive appeal. A sapphire is the perfect balance of a classic yet expressive choice for an engagement ring and our team of experts can help you on your search for the perfect gemstone. To learn a little more about how we select our gemstones, visit our blog post on gemstone quality.

Who wears a sapphire engagement ring?

Princess Diana & The Duchess of Cambridge

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring is one of the most iconic engagement rings in the world. When Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer, he presented her with a few options from the then crown-jeweller Garrard. Diana picked an oval Ceylon blue sapphire, surrounded by a halo of 14 round diamonds. The ring was a controversial choice as it was not custom made—a tradition in the royal family—but it was said that Diana was so fond of it that she wanted nothing else. Now worn by her daughter-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the ring was given to her by Prince William as ‘something blue’ for their wedding. Prince William said it was a ‘way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement’.


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Princess Eugenie & Victoria Beckham

Princess Eugenie’s sapphire engagement ring is particularly unique as it contains the rare Padparadscha sapphire. This salmon pink and light orange gem is highly prized for its unique colour. This gem given to the princess was oval shaped, surrounded by a halo of round diamonds and flanked by two pear shaped diamonds. The ring was given to her by Jack Brooksbank, her boyfriend of seven years.

Victoria Beckham’s sapphire engagement ring would make it her tenth engagement ring, part of a tradition with David Beckham of receiving a new engagement ring every year. We think this sapphire could at least be 25+ carats in weight.


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How much does a sapphire engagement ring cost?

Sapphires generally come at a slightly lower price point per carat than natural diamonds. Considered a precious gemstone, they’re a substantial investment if a large, vibrant sapphire is desired. Sapphires are generally chosen for their colour, rather than for being a cost effective option.

That being said, a similarly-size sapphire can have quite a large price range based on colour, clarity, carat weight and cut.

You can see how our sapphires prices by visiting our gemstone search here.

What’s the best shape for a sapphire engagement ring?

The best shape for your sapphire is completely subjective as it depends on how you choose to reflect your style and preferences. However, within the industry, it’s generally agreed that an oval or radiant shape brings out the best in a sapphire. Both of these cuts allow the light to reflect through the facets of the gemstone to showcase the stone’s colour, making sure the sapphire doesn’t appear flat and sleepy.

Sapphires are extremely versatile gemstones, allowing you to select one that reflects your or your partner’s personality. A gemstone rich in history and emotion, your sapphire engagement ring will be extraordinary–just like your love story.

Matching sapphire wedding ring or eternity ring

When it comes to pairing blue sapphire engagement rings with wedding bands, there are a few options to consider. A diamond wedding band is a classic and elegant choice, as the diamonds complement the sapphire perfectly. A plain gold or platinum band is also a popular option, as it allows the sapphire to be the focal point of the ring. A sapphire wedding band is also a beautiful option, as it creates a cohesive and coordinated look.

A sapphire eternity ring can also look incredible, either with all sapphires in one colour or an ombré assortment of darker colours, lighter colours and diamonds – like our Daisy design.

Are sapphires OK for engagement rings?

Sapphires are a perfect choice for engagement rings–so much so that they’ve been used in engagement rings for centuries. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a blue sapphire engagement ring is that it offers a wide range of options. Blue sapphires come in different shades, from light blue to deep blue. This means that there is a perfect shade of blue sapphire to match every taste and preference. It also means that you can find a ring that suits your budget and style.

Another advantage of choosing a blue sapphire engagement ring is that it offers a unique contrast to the traditional diamond ring. The deep blue colour of the sapphire is a beautiful and striking contrast to the sparkling diamond, making for a ring that is truly one-of-a-kind and sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Many couples opt for a diamond with blue sapphire ring, which combines the timeless elegance of the diamond with the unique beauty of the blue sapphire. This combination is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds – the classic look of a diamond ring with the unique colour of a blue sapphire.

Do sapphires sparkle more than diamonds?

Sapphires and diamonds have different optical properties that affect their sparkle. Diamonds are known for their brilliant sparkle, which is created by the way light is refracted and reflected within the stone. Sapphires also have a sparkle, but it is different from that of a diamond. Sapphires have a more muted and subdued sparkle, which is created by the way light is scattered within the stone.

While diamonds may be known for their brilliance and fire, sapphires are known for their depth and beauty of colour. Both sapphires and diamonds are gorgeous in their own right and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Vintage sapphire rings

For those looking for vintage-inspired engagement rings, vintage sapphire engagement rings are a wonderful option. These types of rings often feature intricate and detailed designs and are perfect for those who love the charm and romance of vintage jewellery.

In conclusion, sapphire engagement rings are a unique and beautiful alternative to the traditional diamond ring. With their timeless elegance and unique beauty, they are sure to be treasured for generations to come. Whether you choose a blue sapphire, a pink sapphire, or a green sapphire, a sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice for those who want a ring that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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