Fabulous engagement rings inspired by Netflix’s Bridgerton

Netflix’s new period drama Bridgerton has taken the world by storm, captivating our attention with tales of upper-class debutantes during England’s Regency period. With its sensational love stories and high drama, Bridgerton also features whimsical costumes and art direction which make the show properly binge-worthy. Most of all, Bridgerton provides the perfect escapism that we need during this time.

To create the world of Bridgerton, the show’s costume designer created a whopping 7,500 pieces, speaking to the show’s incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship. And while the dresses and accessories are extraordinarily beautiful, it’s the imaginative jewellery that’s got us obsessed. From Daphne Bridgerton’s delicate diamond necklace to Queen Charlotte’s breathtaking ruby earrings, the series’ jewellery embraces classic elegance. We take a look at the most memorable pieces from Bridgerton and put together a collection of engagement rings inspired by the show and the Regency period.

Daphne Bridgerton’s diamond necklace


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In the first episode entitled “Diamond of the First Water”, Daphne debuts on the marriage market, ready to meet all of the season’s eligible bachelors. Dressed in a beautiful cream gown, Daphne is presented to the Queen, who describes her as ‘flawless’, making her the diamond of the season! Fitting in with her sparkly status, she wears an heirloom diamond necklace which is part of the Bridgerton’s family jewels.

Her diamond necklace features one eight carat pear shaped diamond, which alone could be worth about £362,952. The pear diamond is then set with eight one carat pear shaped diamonds, and 10 0.90ct round diamonds. Overall, we figure this necklace could fetch about £450,000 in today’s high jewellery market.

The opulent nature of this drop shaped pear diamond necklace reminds us of our Elixir engagement ring, which features a pear shaped diamond surrounded by a pavé diamond halo. This ring is a grand statement, just like Daphne’s necklace!

Lady Danbury’s Tiara


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We first meet Lady Danbury when she invites Simon to her ball. On that same night the two fated lovers, Simon and Daphne, meet for the first time.

And a new romantic pairing isn’t all that debuts at the ball., Lady Danbury stuns the crowd with a magnificent tiara. We estimate that the ornate tiara features about 354 diamonds, giving it a total carat weight of 94.6cts. The tiara features winding, curved lines and intricate filigree detailing. The ornate tiara reminds us of our floral oval diamond halo ring, which features Regency-inspired curved lines, set in platinum with an oval diamond.

Queen Charlotte’s Ruby Earrings


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The notorious Queen Charlotte, played by Gloria Rosheuvel is one of the most beguiling characters in Bridgerton. Extravagant, pompous, and full of sass, Queen Charlotte lives for matchmaking. She sports a signature pair of ruby earrings. Fiery and intense, these ruby red earrings are perfect for Queen Charlotte’s status as matriarch and gatekeeper of love. The ruby earrings would be worth £10-£15,000,000 given the sheer size of the rubies, whose rarity would only be sold at auction nowadays. Queen Charlotte’s ruby earrings remind us of our unique pear ruby and asymmetrical diamond engagement ring, which packs the colour and opulence of the earrings on a smaller scale.

While Bridgerton draws heavily on a real historical period, it’s worth noting that the show’s art direction takes a fair amount of liberty in interpreting the styles of the times. For those who crave strict historical accuracy, this show may not be for you. But if what you’re looking for is a total escape into a colourful, Regency fantasy, then binge away. And if you find yourself feeling inspired by the drama served to us through the costuming in Bridgerton, why not design a custom engagement ring featuring some of the motifs showcased in the hit series? From luscious diamonds to rare gemstones, the sky’s the limit!

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