A Guide to Finding Out Your Other Half’s Ring Size

taylor and hart ring size guide

Knowing your own ring size, let alone that of your significant other, is not a measurement frequently known or discussed.

While getting it right is important, it is not make or break. We’ve come up with a handy guide to finding out your partner’s ring size discreetly.

taylor and hart ring size infographic

Whether your partner already wears a ring on their ring finger, they’re a deep sleeper, a member of their family knows their size, or whether you can ask them outright, there are options for everyone.

If it’s near impossible for you to find out without causing suspicion, Taylor & Hart offers the option of proposing with a silver model of your ring design, allowing you to adjust the size before the final design is created.

Alternatively, if a wild guess is on the cards, it is also worth noting that platinum and gold rings can be resized up to two times so as long as you get a rough estimate, your ring size can be altered at a later date when secrecy is not so key.

You can harness an educated guess by reading our ring size advice guide. We also offer a complimentary ring sizer if you want to have the ring sized perfectly first time around.

Once you have your partners ring size, browse our engagement ring collection, or enquire about a bespoke design and we’ll do the rest…

Good luck!

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