Rose Gold

Designed for beauty strength and style, rose gold is an alloy blend of yellow gold, silver and copper, which gives this precious metal its signature pink colour. This mix of metals offers great durability, making rose gold a wonderfully romantic and long-lasting choice for wedding and engagement rings.

Pairing rose gold with traditional diamonds achieves a strikingly modern look. You can obtain a unique glow by setting rose gold engagement rings with a single coloured gemstone such as a pretty pink sapphire or even a cluster of luscious rubies. Rose gold engagement rings also match other white or yellow gold jewellery, making this precious metal even more appealing.

Rose gold is ideal for many different skin tones and is the perfect way to set your jewellery apart from the rest. Wearers of rose gold will enjoy the warmth and romantic glow it emits day and night.

Rose gold engagement rings are a great off-beat choice, perfect for those yearning for something a little different. The flattering warm tones look perfect with all skin tones and make a real statement.

All 18 carat gold is alloyed with another metal to produce rose, yellow or white gold so the quantity of gold stays the same. 18 carat gives you a purer blend, at 75% pure gold. Finding the perfect pink for rose gold engagement is a matter of taste and preference as different hues will appeal to different people.

This metal complements coloured gemstones, and of course the classic white diamond. Rose gold engagement rings also match other white or yellow gold jewellery, making it even more appealing.

Rose gold is also our preferred metal colour for setting pink diamonds as the metal colour accentuates the colour of the pink diamonds. A popular option is to have a rose gold halo with pink diamonds or pink sapphires, with a platinum band – a stunning two-tone engagement ring design.

rose gold two-stone curved band with pink diamonds and two round white diamonds

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