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The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

Find some inspiration in our catalogue of celebrity engagement ring guides.

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Why you should look at celebrity engagement rings if you're planning to propose

Creating something original always begins with the spark of inspiration. We love to explore the unique designs of celebrity engagement rings to get our ideas flowing. Hollywood engagement rings are bold and bring and by learning how to duplicate the look of celebrity engagement rings, we can make original designs that feel contemporary and personal. 

Want to find some inspiration of your own? Our collection of celebrity engagement ring design breakdowns will answer all your questions when it comes to which star’s ring is made out of what materials and how big are the gemstones on some of the world’s most famous engagement rings. 

Ever wondered what makes Blake Lively’s engagement ring unique? What is the special meaning of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring? How many carats is the emerald-cut diamond in Mariah Carey’s engagement ring? We’ve got the answers, given to you by our in-house team of design specialists. Our jewellery designers give you an expert analysis of what makes these rings so stunning, both from a technical point of view and how they connect to art history more broadly. For example, Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring isn’t usually the centre of attention—in fact, the Queen has long preserved the personal nature of such an intimate piece of jewellery. Our team takes a closer look at this elusive ring to break down why it’s one of the finest pieces of royal wedding jewellery. 

The recent flurry of attention around Megan Fox’s engagement ring (designed by partner Machine Gun Kelly) showed how much interest people have in a custom ring design that’s laden with symbolism. The meaning behind Megan Fox’s engagement ring and why it features both diamonds and emeralds is heartwarming despite the design being met with mixed reactions.

Want to make a celeb-inspired ring of your own? Get in touch with our design team today.

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