Helpful Tips on How to Match a Pear Engagement Ring with the Right Wedding Band

What is a pear-shaped engagement ring?

A pear-shaped engagement ring, quite simply, showcases a stone with a distinct pear shape. This classic and elegant design boasts a gracefully tapered silhouette, which aims to elongate the appearance of the wearer’s finger. It merges the sparkle of an oval cut with the allure of a marquise.

The most popular gemstones that come in a pear shape are diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Because of its shape, it may reveal more of its inherent colour compared to a round brilliant stone, so it’s essential to consider the colour grade when selecting one.

Similar to the oval cut, a pear-shaped diamond can exhibit a dark bow tie effect across its width. Opting for a higher-quality cut can help reduce this feature’s prominence. At Taylor & Hart, all of the stones are twice-inspected by our skilled in-house team, so you’ll know you’ll be getting the best choice.

What band goes best with a pear-shaped engagement ring?

A contoured wedding band will trace the curvature of your pear-shaped ring, enhancing its visual impact, while a chevron design can introduce an element of whimsy. Alternatively, you might opt for a classic straight band which will allow the wedding ring to sit flush next to the pear-shaped piece.

Wedding bands with lacey, scalloped, or twisted patterns further contribute to the distinctiveness of your engagement ring, crafting an intricately detailed and eye-catching set.

Remember, the key is to strike a harmonious chord between your wedding band and your pear-shaped engagement ring. With careful consideration and perhaps a touch of experimentation, you’ll create a combination that truly complements your own personal style.

Should I choose a curved wedding band for my pear-shaped ring?

Opting for a curved wedding band is a good choice when it comes to enhancing the fit and aesthetics of your pear-shaped engagement ring. Standard bands may not align seamlessly underneath your engagement ring, resulting in a noticeable gap between the two. In this scenario, a curved band offers a solution for achieving a more comfortable and cohesive fit between your rings, ensuring that they naturally go together.

However, this spacious look has its own merits and boasts many fans of the aesthetic. Blake Lively’s rings sit with such a space and were specifically designed to do so. If this is a look you’d also like to opt for, perhaps consider designing a bespoke silhouette with one of our dedicated jewellery consultants.

How do I ensure my wedding band complements the pear shape without overshadowing it?

Achieving the perfect balance between your wedding band and your pear-shaped engagement ring is an art form in itself. To ensure your wedding band enhances, rather than overshadows, consider these guidelines:

Match the Metal: Opt for the same metal type as your engagement ring for a seamless look. If you do want a contrast, choose a complementary metal that doesn’t steal the spotlight.

Contoured Bands: Consider a contoured wedding band that gracefully follows the curve of your pear-shaped ring. This design creates a harmonious pairing while accentuating the uniqueness of your engagement ring.

Delicate Details: Look for wedding bands with subtle, delicate embellishments like milgrain or small accent diamonds. These details add a touch of personality without overwhelming your ring.

Keep it Dainty: Opt for a narrower wedding band that complements the slender end of your pear-shaped diamond. A slim band ensures your stone remains the focal point.

Mix and Match: Embrace the trend of stacking multiple bands to create a unique and balanced look. Mixing different styles, metals, or widths can add dimension and creativity.

Minimalism Works: A simple, classic wedding band can beautifully contrast the pear shape, highlighting its simple elegance. Sometimes, less is more.

Consult a Jeweller: Our team of expert jewellery specialists is available to provide personalised recommendations based on your specific pear-shaped ring. All questions are welcome.


How do I decide between a plain band and one with additional gemstones for my pear-shaped ring?

Consider your budget when selecting a wedding band. Typically, simple polished bands are more budget-friendly than those adorned with gemstones. Opting for a plain band can free up some of your budget to assign to other design elements.

Assess the overall balance of your ring set and your preference for gemstones. If your engagement ring already boasts accent diamonds or gemstones, adding more stones to the wedding band might lead to a visually busy appearance. In such instances, a plain band can restore a sense of equilibrium to your set.

Equally, if you enjoy making a bold statement, a band boasting all diamonds or gemstones could be perfect for you. Many people appreciate the added sparkle and vivid hues that sapphires or rubies may contribute.

Factor in the practicality of your choice. Plain polished bands generally demand less upkeep and are easier to clean compared to bands featuring gemstones. Embellished bands may necessitate additional care to maintain their appearance over time.

Ensure regular cleaning. We all need a pamper now and again. You can easily clean your ring from the comfort of your own home. Read more about how to clean your ring at home here.

Book in some professional maintenance. Schedule annual check-ups with your jeweller to inspect the metal bezel and diamonds or gemstones for any signs of wear or damage.

If you’re based in the UK, US or EU, you can send back or drop in your ring yearly, as part of your lifetime annual care package.

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What are some on-trend options for wedding bands that go with pear-shaped engagement rings?

When it comes to wedding bands that perfectly complement pear-shaped engagement rings, here are some on-trend options to consider:

Mixed Metal Stacking and Two-Tone Bands: Embrace the current trend of stacking multiple bands in varying metals, creating a distinctly unique appearance with an edge to it. Select bands that harmoniously blend the metal tones, resulting in a striking and contemporary look.

Delicate Diamond Accents: Seek out wedding bands adorned with small, dainty accent diamonds that add a hint of sparkle, allowing the elegance of the pear shape to shine through on its own.

Vintage-Inspired Bands: Explore bands with intricate vintage elements like milgrain or filigree, evoking a timeless yet fashionable charm.

Unique Geometric Shapes: Opt for bands featuring captivating geometric designs or unconventional shapes that generate an eye-catching contrast.

Nature-Inspired Bands: Consider bands adorned with nature-inspired motifs like leaves or vines, infusing a sense of romance and organic beauty.

Art Deco-Inspired Bands: Discover bands influenced by the Art Deco era, showcasing geometric patterns and bold designs for a dash of vintage glamour.

Personalised Engravings: Explore customised bands bearing meaningful engravings or initials, adding a personalised and sentimental touch to your wedding band choice.

What are some common things to avoid when choosing a wedding band for a pear-shaped engagement ring?

When you embark on the journey of selecting a wedding band to match your pear-shaped engagement ring, it’s prudent to be mindful of several common pitfalls. These considerations will help ensure a seamless and pleasing pairing:

The profile or height of your pear-shaped engagement ring is paramount. Overlooking this factor may lead to a wedding band that fails to sit gracefully alongside the ring’s unique contours. Be certain the wedding band harmonises seamlessly with the engagement ring’s profile.

Beware of wedding bands adorned with excessive details or larger stones. These can inadvertently overwhelm the graceful nature of the pear shape. Striking a balance is key to avoiding overshadowing the engagement ring’s central feature.

Pay close attention to the metal choice for your wedding band. Mismatched metals can disrupt the overall cohesion of your ring ensemble. Ensure that the metal type and colour of the wedding band harmonise cohesively with the engagement ring. It’s ok to contrast but best not to clash.

Do not disregard your personal style in favour of fleeting trends. Opting for a wedding band solely based on trends may result in a choice that doesn’t suit your individual taste in the long run. It needs to be right forever, not just for right now.

While aesthetics are important, prioritise comfort. Ensure that the wedding band is comfortable for daily wear, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. You’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life, after all.

By heeding these considerations, you can confidently select a wedding band that not only harmonises with your pear-shaped engagement ring but also accentuates its timeless appeal.

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