Solitaire Engagement Rings

Designed to showcase the beauty of each centre diamond, solitaire engagement rings exude a timeless grace and are an iconic symbol of union.

More about solitaire rings

Solitaire engagement rings are both known and sought after for their striking appearance, which lets its centre stone, quite literally, take centre stage.

Why should I choose a solitaire engagement ring?

An iconic, yet simple design, solitaires are incredibly versatile, looking undeniably beautiful in all metals, with gemstones of any colour or shape.

While their design may be seen as traditional, solitaire engagement rings are often customised with small design elements that can really personalise the design, without compromising the sparkle and impact of the stone.

It’s easy to see why solitaire engagement rings make up almost 70% of the engagement ring market.

Solitaire customisation

Claw setting

Often referred to as single-stone engagement rings, there are many style and setting options to choose from within the solitaire family. The most popular and iconic choice is a prong-set solitaire. This sees the centre stone set in place with four or six metal prongs surrounding the stone, holding it in place, maximising the amount of light that passes through the centre stone. For even further customisation, these prongs, also known as claws, come in a variety of shapes.

round claws
flat claws
v l shape claw
pointed eagle
rounded eagle
Bezel setting

For a lower, more secure design, a bezel setting offers a contemporary take on a classic style. The centre stone is encased seamlessly with a piece of metal – combining security with a clean, modern aesthetic.

This setting style is ideal for those who are keep active, or work with their hands, as it offers a further element of protection to the centre stone.

Other customisations include tension settings, cathedral styles, engraved bands, filigree details in the collet–the possibilities for solitaire engagement rings are truly extensive.

bezel set round diamond engagement ring

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