Trilogy Engagement Rings

Symbolising the past, present and future, three stone engagement rings are a perfectly sentimental choice.

What is a trilogy engagement ring?

Often referred to as trinity or three stone engagement rings, trilogy engagement rings feature just that–three gemstones or diamonds, each one symbolising the past, present and future.

The trilogy is a versatile style that most frequently sees a larger centre stone, with slightly smaller stones flanking either side. Typically, the side stones are around one third of the centre stone’s size, but we’ve also crafted designs with very small side stones to accentuate the centre stone as well as three equally sized stones to give a fuller coverage on the finger.

What does a trilogy or three stone engagement ring mean?

Trilogy engagement rings are so universally admired because of what they symbolise. Each of the three stones represents the past, present and future–an incredibly sentimental and romantic engagement ring choice.

What side stones should I choose for a trilogy ring?

The most frequently seen stone combinations on trilogy engagement rings is three of the same shape, or one centtr shape flanked with pear shape diamond side stones. However, any fancy diamond cuts can sit on either side of your centre stone. From trapezoids, trilliant cuts, baguettes, tapered baguettes or bullets, or you could even choose three different shapes–the possibilities are endless.

Custom Trilogy Engagement Rings

Be inspired by our trilogy engagement rings, individually designed with love by you and crafted by us.

oval diamond with blue sapphire baguettes hand engraving and milgrain
emerald cut yellow sapphire with side baguette diamonds bead set diamond band
blue cushion cut sapphire trilogy engagement ring with diamonds
trilogy engagement ring with radiant cut with diamond halo and tapered baguettes set in platinum and rose gold
customer love story engagement ring design2
emerald cut diamond ring with tapered diamond baguettes
round diamond trilogy engagement ring with bead set milgrain and hand engraving
round diamond trilogy engagement ring in rose gold
emerald cut blue sapphire trilogy engagement ring with tapered diamond baguettes

What ways can a trilogy engagement ring be designed?

For a truly custom engagement ring, the trilogy is a flexible style that works well with different coloured gemstones, metals, shapes and orientations.

Generally speaking, the centre stone of a trilogy ring will be larger, or set slightly higher than the flanking stones, to signify the importance of the ‘present’. The sizes of the flanking stones are typically cut to around one third of the centre stone size, but can be increased or decreased to accentuate the prominence of your chosen centre stone and give a fuller coverage of the finger.

Stone combinations that are often seen include, three rounds, one round with two flanking pear shapes or any shape centre with interesting fancy diamond cuts to flank either side. These can be trapezoids, trilliant cuts, baguettes, tapered baguettes or bullets.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring with diamong baguette side stones
oval rose cut diamond halo trilogy rose gold engagement ring
emerald cut yellow sapphire with side baguette diamonds and beat set diamond engagement ring

Three round diamonds is a very traditional configuration, whereas three emerald cuts stones is a combination associated more with the Art Deco era. This will be reinforced by your choice of setting style – traditional rings are often set with claws, while swirl or rub-over settings can create a more contemporary look.

The great thing about the trilogy engagement ring style is that it can remain more traditional and classic, or push design boundaries with a more contemporary choice of styles and materials.

Which celebrities wear trilogy engagement rings?

Following in the steps of contemporary trends, Meghan Markle, Ciara and Miranda Kerr wear engagement rings that feature a large centre diamond with side stones, that flank either side. Meghan Markle’s trilogy engagement ring features an elongated cushion cut centre diamond, sourced in Botswana by Prince Harry, and is flanked on either side with two round diamonds from his mother’s personal collection. Ciara’s centre cushion cut diamond is surrounded by two brilliant cut diamond trapezoids, while Kerr has tapered baguettes either side of her three – four carat round diamond.

The concept of a ring that symbolises past, present, and future has become an engagement ring tradition that will likely continue for generations to come.


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