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Radiant Diamond Engagement Rings

Combining the best elements of emerald and round diamond shapes, radiant diamonds exhibit incredible brilliance and fire.

What is a radiant cut diamond?

When grading diamonds of this shape, the radiant cut diamond is often labelled as a cut-cornered rectangular or square modified brilliant by the GIA.

Radiant cut diamonds have a very similar silhouette to an emerald shape, but their internal facet structure is more similar to that of a round diamond. This results in a lively stone, with an effervescent sparkle perfect for those who dress to impress.

Though the radiant has only been available for a short time, it’s quickly increased in popularity. You’ll always find radiant diamond engagement rings listed amongst the current most popular shapes.

Why should I choose a radiant cut diamond?

Giving it the best of both worlds, a radiant cut diamond combines the sparkle and glamour of a round brilliant cut with the straight elegant lines of an emerald cut diamond. The radiant cut features 70 facets in its pavilion and crown, which create the diamond shape’s incredible brilliance. If you’re looking for a rectangular shaped diamond but don’t want to sacrifice sparkle, the radiant cut is perfect.

The radiant cut also features bevelled corners which allow the stone to be more resilient to chips and breakage. The radiant cut would be a good option for someone with an active lifestyle, as the diamond cut is slightly more hard wearing than those diamonds with delicate 90° corners.

The radiant diamond shape is also known to look slightly bigger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight because of the cut’s long diagonal measurement which creates an optical illusion. The radiant cut diamond is a fancy cut, so it’s more affordable than the classic round brilliant because there’s slightly less demand for these precious stones. If you’re looking for a bold engagement ring that’s good value for money, the radiant cut might be the right one for you.

radiant cut diamond with trillion blue sapphire side stones engagement ring

What should I look for in a radiant cut diamond?

Like all diamonds, cut, clarity, colour, and carat are all very important factors to consider when choosing your radiant cut diamond. Radiant cuts have unique features that distinguish the shape from other fancy cuts, such as their brilliant facet structure and distinct shape.

When evaluating the cut of a radiant diamond, the ratio and the shape of the corners on the cut should be considered. It’s best to avoid radiant cuts with overly truncated corners, because these will appear misshapen. The length to width ratio of a radiant cut is also important, with 1.20-1.30 being the optimum ratio for a rectangular radiant, and 1.05 being the optimum ratio for a square radiant cut.

As with oval, pear, and marquise cut diamonds, the radiant cut can be susceptible to what’s known as a ‘bow-tie’ effect within its facets. A bow-tie is characterised by dark flashes in the centre of the gemstone caused by a poor cut. A radiant cut should have an even sparkle throughout the entire stone without any dark areas, so pay close attention to your radiant cut diamond and make sure your gemstone does not feature a large bow-tie.

Lastly, always look for eye clean clarity in a radiant cut diamond. The radiant cut diamond is extremely brilliant, so inclusions can be hard to spot, meaning that you can find eye clean radiant cut diamonds with an SI1 and SI2 clarity.

radiant diamond cut guide

How much is a radiant cut diamond?

When set on a plain solitaire band a white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold engagement ring featuring a 1ct radiant cut diamond costs about £3,940. A platinum band set with a 1ct radiant cut diamond costs about £4,090.

For those who would like something more bold, a 2ct radiant cut diamond is the perfect statement diamond. When set on a plain platinum band, a white gold, yellow gold or rose gold engagement ring featuring a 2ct radiant cut diamond costs about £16,385. A platinum band set with a 2ct radiant cut diamond costs about £16,535.

What is the best setting for a radiant cut diamond?

The radiant cut diamond features brilliant sparkle like a round, combined with the straight lines of an emerald so the cut would suit both round and square accent gemstones. A radiant cut would be beautiful with a round brilliant cut halo, or a halo of Carré cut diamonds. Or try a radiant cut diamond set with two different metals, for a trendy two-tone look.

trilogy engagement ring with radiant cut with diamond halo and tapered baguettes set in platinum and rose gold

What celebrities have radiant cut diamonds?

As the radiant cut is a diamond that packs so much brilliance and sparkle, it is no wonder that celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Brittany Lynne love the shape. The radiant cut diamond is a timeless shape that is sure to suit any style!

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