Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

If you love the curved edges and sparkle of a round diamond, but want something more unique, an oval diamond fits the bill.

More about oval diamond engagement rings

It’s often said that the oval cut diamonds are somewhere between the round and the Marquise shape, with an elongated round symmetrical shape.

Oval shaped diamonds have existed for over two hundred years, but did not take the form that we commonly see today until the 1960s. A Russian master cutter called Lazare Kaplan invented the modern oval cut, earning him a place in the Jewelers International Hall of Fame.


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Why should I choose an oval diamond engagement ring?

Ovals optimise carat weight, which means that oval diamonds often appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight–an impressive and economical choice. In addition, the elongated diamond shape flatters the wearer by making the finger appear longer and slimmer.

What should I consider when choosing an oval diamond?

Similarly to marquise and pear shape diamonds, some oval diamonds may exhibit a bow tie effect. This occurs when light doesn’t bounce into the middle of the diamond because of the way it has been cut and appears as a visible bow tie shape darkness in the diamond’s center.

While most agree that this is part of an oval diamond’s beauty, a severe effect is undesirable. All of our diamonds are hand-inspected to ensure they do not possess a strongly visible bow-tie effect.

Bow tie oval diamond

Celebrity oval engagement rings

In recent years, oval diamond engagement rings have seen an increase in popularity, with stars like Hailey Baldwin, Blake Lively and Julianne Hough leading the trend.

Blake Lively’s rose gold diamond engagement ring features a stunning seven carat oval diamond, set with pavé diamonds and a rose gold band. Justin Beiber proposed to Haily Baldwin with a classic yellow gold solitaire engagement ring, featuring a flawless six to eight carat oval cut diamond.

Julianne Hough’s remarkable rose gold oval diamond ring features an eight carat oval diamond with micro pavé set diamonds on the band. She paired her engagement ring with a rose gold micro pavé wedding ring, a match that complements her feminine, contemporary style.

Their beauty is clear to see so it’s no surprise that oval diamonds make up around 15% of our engagement ring sales, making them the second most popular stone shape after round.

blake lively engagement ring

Blake Lively's seven carat rose gold oval diamond ring


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Who is the oval cut diamond ideal for?

An oval diamond ring would stand out in a stylish woman’s jewelry collection, as it is a classic shape with an elegant, feminine feel. The oval shape is for a person that enjoys traditional diamond shapes such as the round brilliant cut, but would like her ring to feel slightly different and fresh.

How much does an oval engagement ring cost?

An engagement ring’s cost depends on many factors- the metal used, the level of customisation, and the size of the center stone and accompanying gemstones. An oval diamond’s cost depends on its size and its quality characteristics. Generally, a one carat oval shaped diamond can cost between $5,000 to about $10,000. A two carat oval diamond engagement ring can cost between $19,000 and $38,000 for an oval cut diamond ring.

In the case of any engagement ring, the cost not only depends on the size of the gemstone but also the metal used, whether it be yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. Platinum tends to be more expensive than gold, because of the metal’s rare nature.

What is the cost of a lab grown oval diamond engagement ring?

A lab grown diamond is generally less expensive than a mined diamond, due to the efficient manufacturing process. A lab grown diamond is usually 30-40% the price of their mined counterparts. While a mined one carat oval diamond can cost between $5,000 – $10,000, a lab grown one carat oval diamond can cost between $2,500 – $4,500. A two carat mined oval diamond can cost between $19,000 – $38,000, while it’s lab grown counterpart can cost between $7,500 and $15,000.

How do I choose the best oval diamond engagement ring?

When choosing a diamond ring, one should always consider the four Cs, cut, clarity, color and carat. In the case of an oval diamond, cut is particularly important as this will determine whether your diamond has a bow tie effect or not. Oval diamonds come in different ratios, some oval diamonds are long and slender with around a 1.60 ratio. A smaller ratio such as 1.30 creates a shorter oval diamond, giving the oval a rounder shape.

The clarity of an oval diamond depends on how many irregularities the diamond has. Clarity is an important factor to be considered, but it also depends on personal preference. An excellent cut and colorless oval diamond with a few minor inclusions could make a beautiful center stone. Sometimes, inclusions are so minor that they can’t be seen with the naked eye. However, to be sure that your diamond can display its full fire and brilliance, we would recommend a SI1 clarity grade or higher.

When choosing a color grade for an oval diamond, this is again based entirely on personal preference. A diamond can form in various colours, from green to pink. However, fancy colored diamonds are rare, and most diamonds fall between an icy white to a warm light yellow. If you are looking at a rose gold or yellow gold band, we would recommend a diamond with a color range of G-J. The warm tones of the metal will offset any hints of color in the diamond. If you are looking at a white gold or platinum band, we would recommend color grades of G-H.

oval diamond with blue sapphire baguettes hand engraving and milgrain

Do oval diamond engagement rings sparkle?

An oval cut is a “brilliant” cut, so like the round diamond  the oval shape has a lot of sparkle! Although the round brilliant cut has the most scintillation, oval diamonds are also cut to show a high level of brilliance. The oval diamond’s brilliance comes in second to the round brilliant cut diamond. For a person that would like an engagement ring with great beauty, fire and sparkle, and something that isn’t as traditional- the oval shape is a great choice for a diamond ring.

oval diamond engagement ring with split shank rose gold pave diamond band

Oval cut diamonds vs round brilliant cut diamonds

An oval cut diamond is cut in a similar style to the round cut diamond, both are cut to show as much “brilliance” as possible. However, oval cuts have an advantage due to the diamond’s elongated shape. Oval cuts create the illusion of a larger diamond for the same carat weight as a round cut, due to the greater surface area of the oval shaped diamond. For example, the surface area of a one carat oval shaped diamond is 10% larger than a one carat round brilliant cut diamond. This makes the oval diamond not only a more economical choice, but a diamond with an elegant flair.

Round diamond versus oval diamond

Are oval diamonds rare?

As oval diamond engagement rings are a unique choice, the oval diamond shape itself requires less demand. Because the shape is in less demand, an oval diamond is considered rare–however the oval diamond is still usually less expensive per carat than a round brilliant cut diamond, which typically commands a price premium due to its rarity. Not only will the oval shaped diamond look larger, but the price could be lower for the carat weight too!

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