Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Known for their brilliance and sparkle, round diamond engagement rings have an iconic reputation–one that’s sure to impress.

Why should I choose a round diamond?

Round diamond engagement rings account for over 50% of our customer orders. Their popularity comes down to the fact that round diamonds have an iconic reputation.

The shape itself suits a huge variety of engagement ring styles and metals, serving as a time-honoured engagement tradition. Paired with a classic solitaire band, a round diamond engagement ring is a contemporary, quintessential choice.

A round brilliant cut diamond has more fire and sparkle than any other cut, having been developed mathematically for its exceptional brilliance. If you choose a round brilliant cut diamond ring, it will be classic enough to match any outfit, and is the choice with the most sparkle.

What does a round diamond ring symbolise?

A round diamond, like the round wedding band, symbolises eternal love and renewal. The round shape is extremely brilliant and reminds us of the sun—a symbol of life, clarity and strength.

The sun

How much are round diamonds?

As they are the most popular diamond shape, round diamonds carry a slight premium when compared to other fancy shapes. A 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond is amongst the most in demand shape and carat weight, so it can carry an extra cost. We usually recommend you either go slightly above or below the carat weight for better value, such as 0.90 or 1.10.

The cost of a 1 carat round brilliant diamond begins at around £5,500. A 2 carat round brilliant diamond begins at around £16,000.

round diamond2

Bespoke round diamond rings

Yellow round sapphire engagement ring with a flower halo of round diamonds
Platinum engagement ring with a round diamond and emerald pavé shaped as a flower
Round yellow diamond with floral round diamond halo set in a yellow gold pavé band
Vintage round diamond engagement ring with baguette diamonds in platinum
blue round sapphire yellow gold engagement ring custom emeralds diamonds sun ring
round pink sapphire trilogy engagement ring with round diamond accent stones and pave set in rose gold
round diamond trilogy engagement ring with tapered blue sapphire sides
round diamond with flower inspired halo engagement ring
round diamond pave engagement ring milgrain bezel

Round gemstones

If you love the round shape for a center stone, but would love to include a color as the star of your engagement ring, then why not go for a colored gemstone? A round Kashmir blue sapphire would be stunning with a pair of side diamonds, on either a platinum or yellow gold band. A round forest green emerald would be beautiful combined with one of our signature settings. If green or blue isn’t your favourite colour, try a round brilliant yellow diamond that best represents the sun!

Round diamond engagement ring settings

There are a myriad of custom engagement ring settings available that allows you to put your own twist on your round diamond engagement ring. Even if you choose a simple solitaire, the choice of claws & head setting make a big difference to the overall finish of the ring.

A sharper claw, such as a flat claw or a pointed eagle claw, could give your round engagement ring a sophisticated look. Softer claws such as a heart shaped claw or a round claw would compliment a classic round engagement ring perfectly.

The choice of your head setting makes a big difference to the overall finish of an engagement ring. From a dramatic cathedral setting to a contemporary bezel setting, the way your round diamond is set gives each ring a unique feel.

Celebrity round engagement rings

Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring, given to her by her husband, snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel features a 3-4 carat round brilliant diamond, set in platinum and flanked with two tapered side baguette diamonds. This stunning ring is a very contemporary design, and is a great example of a round diamond trilogy ring.

Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring, given to her by husband Jason Sudeikis, features a 3 carat round brilliant diamond surrounded by a custom cut emerald halo, set in yellow gold. This engagement ring is certainly special, the yellow gold perfectly complements the gorgeous green colour of the emeralds.


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