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“It’s been a tough ride, but we got there in the end.”

Andy & Sakshi

Sharing a world together is one of the great joys of Sakshi and Andy’s relationship. Their love spans the globe and crosses cultures, and this theme of vast possibility is at the heart of their love story.

That’s why when it came to creating custom matching wedding bands they chose to emblazon an engraved world map across the two rings, joining them together forever in their love for adventure.

The rings were digitally rendered with a bespoke map of the world spanning across the two bands. Laser engraved and hand finished in our London workshop, the final results are an original take on the classic ‘his & hers’ ring style.

For a couple whose bond blossomed while exploring Thailand together, these interlocking wedding rings are a symbol of their shared passion for travel and their unified cultures.

What inspired the world on your wedding rings?

A: We’re both keen travellers and we knew we wanted to symbolise our love of the world.I did some searching around but Taylor & Hart were the only ones who got back to me quickly, the customer service was amazing. I trusted them to make the ring in the particular way we wanted.

‘I’m really happy. The ring symbolises who we are and our love for the planet.’ — Andy

S: For our wedding we had a Moroccan/Indian summer theme that also reflected our travels. Travelling is also how we met and got to know each other. We’re also both from different countries, so that’s a nice meaning behind the design. 

At the wedding we had loads of people come from different countries that we had met along our trips. We just wanted something different. We wanted it to be memorable to us.

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It’s been a tough ride, but we got there in the end.

— Sakshi

Did your parents approve? Were they excited?

S: When we both told our parents, they weren’t happy about it. It’s taken us about five years in our relationship to get both sets of parents on board. When we got engaged, it changed. I think they finally accepted that it was happening now. They couldn’t do anything about it—they had prayed enough.

Andy, when did you propose?

A: I proposed about two years ago now. I proposed in Bruges as it was a romantic place that I’ve always wanted to go to. I designed a bespoke engagement ring with another company, but it wasn’t made on time so I had to go to Claire’s Accessories and buy something else to propose with. I had it all planned out in my head to make it really romantic. I decided to propose in a really nice park after we had our dinner, by a water fountain.

Taylor & Hart, Customer Love Stories, Happy Customers

For me it was nice that it was intimate, it was just us. It was perfect. It was really sweet and romantic–the way he proposed was really thoughtful.

— Sakshi

There’s nothing like the strength we draw from our most important relationships. Sakshi and Andy have proven that love can offer the confidence to take on the world.

We adore the meaning and sentiment behind their custom wedding rings and want to thank them for sharing their story with us.

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