Love is happening right now.

Life has been looking a little different for a while now, and people have been adapting in the most inspiring ways. Notably, people have been learning how to love through these unusual days. To us, this is real love. Not the airbrushed, fairytale version. It’s proven that everyone loves, but all in our own way.

We wanted to create something that captures this modern love. When lockdown hit, the world went virtual—and photography did too. By working within the reality of Covid, but without being defined by it, we found a way to show that real love is happening right now.

It started through a collaboration with award-winning photographer Tim Dunk to create innovative FaceTime photoshoots, and resulted in five beautiful couples sharing a visual story of their love, photographed right in their own homes.

In this first-of-its-kind campaign, we asked couples to put themselves forward on our Instagram page. Applications came flooding in and soon enough we’d found our special few for this portrait of affection. That kicked off Taylor & Hart’s most international endeavour to date. The couples spanned the globe, from London to New York and even Auckland, New Zealand.

Tim worked with our couples, thoughtfully guiding them around via FaceTime to find the ‘Good Light’, and used a cutting-edge app to remotely control their phone’s camera. By allowing couples to get creative within the cherished home they’ve built together, the resulting photos were striking, touching, and playful at all once.

While everyone has faced challenges during lockdown, it’s also making relationships stronger. And with strength comes creativity. Turbulent times make people realise what’s truly important in life and today people are more willing than ever to make a decision to commit to a future with their partner, or stoke the flames of a love that has been burning for years.


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