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Couple Collaborations: Picking Out an Engagement Ring Together

Getting engaged is kind of a big deal. In the olden days, it would be the knight in shining armour who gets down on one knee and presents the fair maiden with a ring that symbolises their betrothal. Thankfully, times have changed as have some traditions, and the idea of how to propose is completely up to each individual couple. It doesn’t need to be a big surprise event with a sunset cruise and rose petals, it can be a conversation. It doesn’t have to be a surprise ring at the bottom of a champagne flute, it can be a pre-chosen design that you know is exactly what they want.

As the landscape of engagement ring shopping continues to evolve, a trend has emerged, where couples are increasingly opting for a collaborative approach in the selection and design process. Anyone who has ever tried to buy jewellery as a gift knows how complicated the process can be, so it’s been fascinating to see how the shift towards valuing shared experiences has been influencing even traditional milestones like an engagement.

Providing a platform for couples to co-create something that’s uniquely special to them is incredibly meaningful and shines a spotlight on the evolving nature of relationships and expressions of commitment. Societal norms and expectations have changed a lot over time and the idea of marriage as an equal partnership, or a team, where both partners actively participate in decision-making processes, reflects this wonderfully.

We go beyond surprise proposals (which of course are still on the cards) to joint planning, which signifies a move towards better communication, heightened transparency and a loving collaboration between couples.

Imagine getting the band size wrong, picking a stone shape that gives them ‘the ick’ or accidentally misremembering what their birthstone is. All this can be easily avoided. Moreover, designing a ring together will ensure they can get that detail that reminds them of you on the side, or pick a gemstone they’ve loved since they saw it in their favourite movie as a kid.

The fact that over 75% of couples now choose their engagement ring together further emphasises this trend towards shared decision-making. By selecting the ring as a couple, they can express their tastes and preferences while also symbolising their commitment to each other in a tangible way. It’s a beautiful reflection of the mutual respect and cooperation that shapes modern relationships. Gone are the days when ‘the head of the house’ had to make all the decisions, so why should a ‘forever ring’ be chosen by just one person? It’s ok to be particular, it’s ok to have a dream design and it’s ok to ask for it.

Our consultants are here to collaborate with our clients and provide super personal experiences. That way the engagement ring selection process can become another cherished memory of something the couple did together.

Collaborating on the ring design allows couples to incorporate elements that are significant to both of them, making the ring a unique celebration of love, not to mention you can accurately determine the recipient’s ring size. This eliminates the risk of resizing, ensuring a comfortable fit from the very start.

Kate, Design Director

Love is ever-evolving, and it’s up to each couple to carve out their own path towards happiness. This togetherness is what allows them to celebrate their love and commitment as equals.


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