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  1. Taylor & Hart Turelle Hexagonal Engagement Ring 360 detail 01


Hexagonal diamond and a 0.95ct oval blue sapphire toi et moi engagement ring engagement ring set in 18ct white gold

Popularised by Napoleon in the 18th century, the ‘toi et moi’ style is a timeless style steeped in history and romance. The Turelle ring is a contemporary take on the newly trending ‘toi et moi’ style and features the signature two gemstones, which are positioned side by side to symbolise the meeting of two lovers. Deriving its name from the French word ‘tourelle’, meaning ‘turret’ or ‘small tower’, this unique Turelle ring is inspired by fantastical castle turrets and set in white gold with a white gold filigree setting for an elegant finish. The glistening hexagonal diamond and 0.95ct oval cut blue sapphire are held in place at the centre via eagle claws and are perfectly slanted to gracefully capture the light from all angles.

A$5,425 exc. taxes
Note: price excludes centre diamond. Price explained

Ring & gemstone details

18K White Gold
Band width

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  • Greenland ruby set inside the band
  • 90 day returns policy
  • Hand finished in London
  • Ethically sourced diamonds & gemstones

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Even better than the renders made it look and my fiancée loved it!

I had my fiancée's ring customised and the process with my designer was sublime! Nothing was too much and I was provided with renders at every step of the way.


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