Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

With its rich colour and traditional roots, 18ct yellow gold makes an excellent choice for engagement rings.

More about yellow gold rings

Yellow gold is perhaps the most traditional of precious metal options, especially amongst bridal jewellery. Its rich colour, appearance and strength is synonymous with luxury and serves as the perfect representation of eternal unity.

The science

Yellow gold used for engagement rings and wedding rings typically consists of pure gold (24 carat) mixed with other white metal(s), to achieve greater durability and desired colour tone.

Pure 24 carat gold is not the most suitable material for crafting jewellery, as it is too soft. In order to achieve 18 karat gold, 75% pure gold (which is naturally yellow in colour) is blended with 25% other white metals, known as alloys. Mixing the pure gold with the other white metals results in a softer, more creamy yellow colour, as opposed to the brassy colour of 24 carat gold.

Why should I choose a yellow gold engagement ring?

Despite seeing a slump in popularity over the last 30 years, yellow gold is no longer considered a dated trend and is making a triumphant return amongst bridal jewellery. Its rich, yet fresh appearance complements both modern and vintage-inspired engagement ring designs–either as a bold juxtaposition or as a subtle nod to the concept of bridal traditions.

And last, but certainly not least, yellow gold engagement rings flatter all complexions, with their rich, warm tones.

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