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Awards Season Spotlight: And the Nominees Are

Awards season is our favourite season of all (we share that with TV icon Moira Rose). Nothing compares to the thrill of wondering what your favourites will be wearing, how funny the opening monologue will be and, most importantly, which of your beloved stars will take home a statue.

With that in mind, we’re rolling out the red carpet for our very own superstars that we’ve loved seeing grace many a ring finger this year. We’ll be celebrating our favourite pieces by choosing some of the most creative customisations, interesting modifications and best-selling staples. The big five categories include Best Visual Effects, Best Supporting Side Stones and even a LifeThyme achievement award for our fabulous Thyme design. Let’s take a look at the exciting categories that made 2023 a truly spectacular year in jewellery.


You like me!

Sally Field, 1985

For Best Adapted Design

You know the design is good when the details float from your mind and go straight to your heart. Taking an already existing style and applying your own sprinkle of magic can mean the difference between a scene set in a plain hallway, or one atop a moonlit stone bridge in a romantic rose garden.

These five lovely rings have all had small modifications to existing styles, showcasing that special finishing touch.

Here are our nominees:

Side Stones in a Supporting Role

These next nominees showcase an incomparable dexterity in providing depth and dimension to the entire cast of stones they buttress. The Best Side Stones in a Supporting Role have been dependable stalwarts, as well as scene-stealers in their own right.

And the nominees are:

The Best Visual Effects

Taking something as seemingly simple as a ring and imbuing it with details so intricate and dimensional that what you’re left with is effectively a miniature work of art showcases just how skilled our jewellery masters are. The Best Visual Effects category sheds light on the beautiful tactile facets of some of our favourite designs.

Here are our nominees:

The Best Art Direction

Of all the aspects of picking your engagement ring, creating a fully bespoke design is what offers the most freedom and creativity to unleash one’s own imagination. The Best Art Direction category celebrates the most unexpected stone choices, romantic silhouettes and moving personal touches that make for a collection of unforgettable performances. We’ve seen too many enchanting pieces to mention, with levels of ingenuity that have inspired and astounded. The nominees in this category are all winners in their own right and have taken a special place in our heart of hearts.

Here are the nominees:

Best Engagement Ring in a Leading Role

More stable than Jennifer Lawrence on her way to picking her Best Actress Oscar, more charming than any of Olivia Colman’s acceptance speeches and even more moving than Halle Berry’s tearful win – our nominees for Best Engagement Ring in a Leading Role embody all the poise, strength and magic of a Hollywood superstar. From blockbuster best-sellers to cult classics in the making, these five designs have brought joy, laughter, tears and stunned silence in droves.



Here are the breathtaking nominees:

LifeThyme Achievement Award

It’s a true testament to one’s talent and cultural impact when we collectively gather to honour what a downright legend someone is. Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman – some stars shine so bright with so much significance and cast such an everlasting spell, that all that remains is to thank them for all they’ve done.


I’d like to thank my designer, Kate, all the diamonds and gemstones that made me feel so special, the workshop for helping hone my unbelievable craft, and, most importantly, all the couples who have chosen me to be part of their epic romances over the years.

The Thyme design (probably)

To celebrate one of our most prolific designs, a versatile performer and star of any show it appears in the Thyme deserves to be bestowed with its very own extra special award. Boasting a body of work that’s full of nuanced performances and memorable characters, this wonderful ring has been cast in so many unforgettable proposals, engagements and weddings, and brought more emotion than one could ever hope for.

We honour this superstar with a coveted LifeThyme achievement award, which is a big thank you for all of the magic. May you continue to dazzle for many many more years to come.


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