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Bridgerton Jewellery Inspiration

The Bridgerton extended universe has taken over our hearts – season by season, it captivates our attention with tales of the upper-class elites during England’s Regency period. With its sensational love stories, high drama and devastatingly romantic quotes, the Netflix smash hit also features spectacular costumes, stunning art direction and a dreamy cast that make the show a visual feast.

To create this unique world, the show’s costume designer produced tens of thousands of pieces, speaking to the show’s incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship. And while the dresses and adornments are extraordinarily beautiful, it’s the imaginative jewellery that’s got us wonderstruck.

We’ve been dazzled by the necklaces resting upon our favourite characters’ clavicles and tantalised by the tiaras on their heads. From Daphne’s delicate pieces to Queen Charlotte’s statement-making jewels (not to mention the wigs), the series fully embraces the opulence of the Regency period.

Members of the aristocracy were the unequivocal tastemakers, setting the fashion and jewellery trends for the rest of the population during that era. From the Bridgerton family’s baby blue colour palette to the Featheringtons’ over-the-top bright florals, the show enjoys putting its own spin on the fashions of the times.

Known as the ‘Ton’, the elites participated in the London social season that occurred in conjunction with Parliament’s opening and closing. Represented by characters such as the Duke of Hastings, Lady Danbury and the Sharmas, they indulged in a manner of lavish activities which required the ravishing Regency ladies of the day to adorn themselves in their best jewels.

The era was heavily influenced by Romanticism and Neoclassicism – think figures such as Jane Austen, Lord Byron and, of course, Lady Whistledown. Jewellery during this time period was undoubtedly impacted by these movements. The Romantics idolised nature, praising its power and beauty, and floral and foliate motifs were out in full force, with fashions from the far-flung empire also making their way into the designs.


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Endless parties, picnics and promenades were the catwalks of the day, and most of Europe had their eyes on the haute fashions of the socialites and royalty, including the Ton. Empress Josephine was the fashion icon, influencing apparel and jewellery designs, including, and most famously, pioneering the toi et moi ring design.

Much of the jewellery designs of the day were centred around the notion of glowing in the candlelight at extravagant balls and feasts. Think stolen moments in the dimly lit library á la Kate & Anthony, with a string version of Calvin Harris or Miley Cyrus playing gently in the background.

Jewels were also extremely sentimental and used to convey expressions of love as well as platonic friendship. It was all part of the courtship for the upper-class residents of the Ton. Jewellery was a big part of the experience and a tangible symbol of love. Courtships often started with flowers and evolved to personalised jewellery as things got more serious.
The jewels of the period were used to express devotion and to share secrets with a lover. Hidden messages were conveyed and love was declared, all through the medium of gemstones. Taylor & Hart offers both customisable and fully bespoke jewellery so you can send your own secret message to ‘the object of all your desires.’


If (like us) you’re preparing to obsess over Colin and Penelope’s Bridgerton love story, why not show the object of your desires just how much you love them by getting your favourite romantic quote engraved on a beautiful piece of jewellery? May we suggest: ‘I’m driven to distraction every time you enter the room..?’ Although that might be too long. What are your favourite Bridgerton quotes? #bespokejewellery #bridgerton #polin #bridgertons3 #engagementring #engraving

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This period was also the first time in which jewellery was available for the masses, no longer being simply the preserve of the elite. Moreover, with the use of Paste (a sort of fortified glass) to imitate gemstones, even the elites would utilise this technique to either pad out their collections with even more styles or create replicas of their more precious pieces to wear on their travels to avoid having them stolen during (very frequent back then) highway robberies.

In the first episode of Bridgerton, Daphne makes her debut on the marriage market, ready to meet all of the season’s eligible bachelors. Dressed in a beautiful gown, she is presented to the Queen, who describes her as flawless, making her the ‘diamond of the season.’ Fitting in with her sparkling status, she wears an heirloom diamond necklace with a drop-shaped pear stone. The look of it reminds us of our Elixir engagement ring, which features a pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a pavé diamond halo. This ring is a grand statement, just like Daphne’s necklace and, who knows, might snag you the attention of your very own Duke.

The fabulous Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel is one of the most beguiling characters in Bridgerton. Extravagant, deliciously pompous and full of sass, she lives for matchmaking.

So popular is the character that she earned an eponymous spin-off of her own. There we see the young royal, portrayed by the perfectly-cast India Amarteifio, live out her own heartbreaking love story with the troubled (yet unexpectedly dreamy) King George. ‘I will stand with you between the heavens and the earth.’ Need we say more?

All I find myself thinking about, all I find myself being able to breathe for…is you.

Lord Anthony Bridgerton

Season two focused on the eldest Bridgerton brother, Anthony. His love story involved the headstrong Kate Sharma, who was a challenging breath of fresh air that the jaded viscount needed. Boasting a palette of rich jewel tones that encompassed both her wardrobe and her jewellery, Simone Ashley’s Kate, looked spectacular in shades of amethyst and jade. Perfectly emulated by an array of juicy sapphire shades, set in warm yellow or rose gold, you too can adorn yourself in jewels befitting ‘the bane of someone’s existence’ (but in a good way).

The upcoming season will see our secretive scribe, Penelope, embark on a romance with Colin Bridgerton. A fan-favourite couple since the books, Polin, as they’re affectionately known by their shippers, are already whipping us into a frenzy. Very much embracing the Bridgerton blue, we can see icy diamonds and the lightest sapphires in their future.

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And if you find yourself feeling inspired by the drama served to us through the costuming in Bridgerton, why not design a custom engagement ring featuring some of the motifs showcased in the hit series? From luscious diamonds to rare gemstones, the sky’s the limit.

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