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kate middleton engagement ring

Design Your Own Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

16th February 2016 by Rebecca Smyth, posted in Lifestyle

When it comes to jewellery that turns heads, the elegant sapphire engagement ring would certainly land somewhere at the top of the list. In fact, sapphires are becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples that want an engagement ring that makes a bold personal statement.

Blue sapphire engagement rings

Whether you’ve considered a sapphire engagement ring previously or not, most women would quickly admit that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring sets the standard for breathtaking engagement rings. And she’s far from alone—Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Hurley and other ladies of discerning taste have all chosen the vivid sapphire for their engagement rings as well.

Prized for their depth of colour, sapphires offer nearly endless possibilities for creating a truly unique ring specific to the tastes of each couple, in large part because of the variety of options. Sapphires are available in an array of colours including pink, violet, yellow, white, and more. This stunning diversity offers the creator of a bespoke sapphire engagement ring with many options for crafting an exclusive piece of jewellery.

We’ve crafted an array of sapphire engagement rings which you can view on our bespoke engagement ring gallery. However, many prefer the classic look of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring above all others. For those looking for the top prize in sapphire engagement rings, Taylor & Hart can give you the ring experience you crave.

kate middleton engagement ring sketches

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was designed by London jeweller, Garrard, at a cost of £28,000; however, today this exclusive fashion icon would be expected to retail at an estimated £300,000 due to its famous heritage. The ring was once worn by Prince William’s mother, the lovely Princess Diana, and with the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, its fame grew exponentially.

This famous sapphire engagement ring has garnered fans from all over the world who appreciate its striking colour and style. The setting consists of a cluster of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat, oval, deep blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18 carat white gold.

The style is classic; bold, yet refined. It perfectly reflects the definitive beauty and classic tailored looks of Kate Middleton.

kate middleton engagement ring sketch
kate middleton engagement ring

Recreating Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

If you would like a ring similar in style to Kate Middleton’s, below are three design options that may appeal to those who appreciate this lovely ring, and that may benefit from varying price points.

For those with the budget to allow it, the design below presents you with the ability to create your very own Kate Middleton ring with a 15mm sapphire. The sapphire alone costs around £180,000 and will certainly earn your lucky lady more than a few admiring looks!

kate middleton engagement ring

The second option offers a smaller scale interpretation, presenting a setting of a 1-carat Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by diamonds. The cost for this ring falls in the region of £5,000 to £6,000, and still offers spectacular appeal.

kate middleton engagement ring

The third option is a modified version of the classic collection Elixir engagement ring. The design incorporates elements of the original ring, using white diamonds for the halo and 0.7-carat blue sapphire in the centre. The white diamonds are delicate and feminine, and make a lovely choice for ladies who appreciate the bold colour of sapphires but may prefer a more subtle ring.

kate middleton engagement ring

Each ring is stunning and can be further customised to suit the tastes and desires of the woman who will wear it.

So how do these ring designs compare?

Kate Middleton Style Engagement Rings

A white gold engagement ring with the exact dimensions of Kate Middleton’s 12-carat sapphire with diamond halo (left) would cost around £187,000.

The one carat sapphire bespoke engagement ring with diamond halo (middle) would retail in the region of £5,000 – £6,500.

The modified collection ring with 0.7-carat blue sapphire and smaller diamond halo (right) would retail from around £2,350, and would of course increase or decrease in price, depending on the sapphire carat weight.

Is a sapphire engagement ring right for me?

A sapphire engagement ring is a great choice for women who are fans of Kate Middleton’s dazzling rock—but the appeal certainly doesn’t stop there.

As sapphire is the official birthstone of September, a sapphire engagement ring is a great choice for couples who plan to get engaged in September, for any bride-to-be born in September, or for whom September is a month with meaning for the couple.

A sapphire engagement ring also often appeals to women who enjoy wearing high fashion, bold colours, or who simply desire an engagement ring different from the traditional white diamond style.

If you are interested in any of the Kate Middleton-inspired engagement ring designs, schedule a consultation with us or take a look at our unique ring gallery where there are plenty of designs to inspire you to get started on your own bespoke halo engagement ring!

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