Inspired by the engagement rings from Carrie Bradshaw & Sex and the City

Sex and the city engagement rings

Sex and the City is a global phenomenon. The TV series and movies follow four female New Yorkers as they explore love, lust, romance, heartbreak, fashion and of course, jewellery. This week, we are celebrating the show’s 18th year by taking a look at the engagement rings from Sex and the City, the storylines that surrounded them and how you can have your very own custom engagement ring crafted, inspired by the designs seen on Carrie & Charlotte and the jewellery worn by Miranda & Samantha.

Carrie & Aiden

Carrie’s Harry Winston 3 carat square-cut emerald/Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring is a striking design with tapered baguettes on either side. Throughout their engagement, Carrie insisted on wearing the ring around her neck because it’s ‘closer to her heart’. Asscher cut diamonds are a great choice for trendsetters who want a touch of vintage whimsey making this engagement ring a fitting choice for Carrie, but alas, their relationship ends shortly after the proposal.

A centre stone flanked with side stones, such as tapered baguettes or pear-cut diamonds, are frequently seen in bespoke engagement ring designs and look beautiful with a centre stone of any cut or shape, with a subtle nod to vintage design.

sex and the city engagement rings

Charlotte & Trey

In the third season, after just one month of dating, Charlotte accidentally proposed to Trey, much to her embarrassment. Trey later made up for it and asks Charlotte to stand outside the Tiffany & Co. store and to look for the ‘most beautiful engagement ring they have’.

Charlotte’s simple and sophisticated style led her to choose a classic Tiffany setting with a 2.17 carat round brilliant diamond. Our very own classic collection ring, ‘The Grace’ offers the same timeless six-claw solitaire engagement ring, available in platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.

sex and the city engagement rings

Samantha’s Flower Ring

In the Sex and the City movie, Samantha describes the flower ring as “the essence of me. One of a kind, filled with fire”. Although this isn’t an engagement ring, the floral ring adorned with diamonds that Samantha bids for at auction marks a turning point for her character. She decides she wants to be single after Smith exceeds her bid and gives her the stunning ring by Romona. M Boucher of Bastion, worth approximately $50,000, as a gift.

Below are examples of floral ring designs we have crafted in the past for customers that may inspire you to create your very own. The very nature of organic design results in intricate details and impressive curves, allowing for an expressive and delicate final design.

sex and the city engagement rings

Charlotte & Harry

After their breakup, Charlotte asks Harry if they can start dating again, tearfully telling him “I don’t care if you ever marry me – I just want to be with you” to which Harry responds by getting down on one knee with a 5-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. Not a dry eye in the house.

The Harry Winston ring was actually inspired by a 33-carat diamond ring given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton in 1968. Emerald-cut diamonds are perfect for those who are confident risk takers with a love for retro style elements. Here are some other engagement rings we’ve crafted over the years that feature emerald-cut gemstones for customers who, like Charlotte, admire the long lines and clean stepped faceting structure of emerald-cut centre stones.

emerald diamond rings

Carrie & Mr. Big

The grand finale for their relationship and the most recent installment in the Sex and the City movie franchise, Mr. Big finally gives Carrie a 5-carat black diamond engagement ring. Set in 18 carat white gold and 80 pave diamonds, Carrie asks “why black?” to which Big responds “because you are not like anyone else”.

Jewellery designer, Itay Malkin worked in collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker and Patricia Field to create the ring, as SJP’s character, Carrie Bradshaw is known for influencing the rising popularity of non-traditional fashion trends and styles.

We frequently receive requests for black diamond engagement rings as they strike the perfect balance between tradition and individuality. They can be used in both edgy and classic jewellery design to achieve a statement piece.

sex and the city engagement rings

So that’s a wrap. Which SATC character’s ring is your favourite? Or have you been inspired to use elements of the engagement rings from Sex and the City in your very own custom ring design?

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