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“Fate brought us together, as cliché as that sounds”.

Nikki & Vicki

Nikki and Vicki met while living together at university, where years of friendship slowly developed into something more.

‘It reached a point where we thought, why are we pretending that we are just friends?’, Nikki says of the turning point in their relationship. ‘It got to the stage where it would have been silly to not give it a go!’. Nikki, a self-described dreamer, knew that she wanted to propose right from the beginning. Vicki was a bit more conservative about getting on to the next phase of their love but knew that once their lives had taken shape a bit more, their time would come.

But all the factors that held them back from getting married didn’t stop either girlfriend from dropping hints about engagement ring designs.

Whenever they’d pass shop windows Vicki would point out her favourites and things she definitely didn’t want. ‘When the time came around to actually designing the ring, I knew exactly what she wanted,’ Nikki says.

To propose, Nikki planned a getaway to the Peak District in the wintertime. As a storm blew against the mountains outside, Vicki and Nikki were curled up in a cosy shepherd’s hut they’d travelled across the fields to stay in for the night.

Nikki had brought a scrapbook with her that they spent the evening making together, marking all the romantic dates they’d gone on together throughout the years. At the end, she handed Vicki a final date, one that hadn’t happened yet, which read ‘get married!’.

Nicki had already been on a secret trip to London with her best friend to visit our showroom and design Vicki’s ring. So after the proposal, they returned together to design Nikki’s.

They chose a princess cut diamond and brushed platinum band, to match her geometric and high-contrast style. ‘Inside the band of Nikki’s ring, included my birthstone’, Vicki explains, ‘because she had added the same detail on mine. We both have such different tastes in rings that it was nice to be able to tie them together’.

Nikki designed her finacée’s ring in a more traditional style, with cathedral shoulders and a pavé band. The subtle sparkle and graceful lines were exactly what Vicki has been hoping for and the raised centre diamond makes a nice contrast between Nikki’s modern bezel set diamond.

With the engagement rings out of the way, these two are already looking towards their wedding day, with a venue picked out for next August. ‘Other than that, we have plans for a future together. We want a house. But we also want a cat. The cat is definitely high on the priority list.’

The years of trust, joy, and adventure shared between them are clear to see. It’s this kind of bond that can produce the most meaningful designs, and Nikki and Vicki’s contrasting engagement rings are no exception.

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