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Proposal Idea: Do It With a Single Loose Stone

Finding a ring in the middle of a chocolate fondant can get extremely messy, filling a room with candles and rose petals is a potential fire hazard and getting down on one knee in an al fresco situation could result in spending hours looking for your ring in the sand or grass. Of course, these are all extremely romantic and valid ways of proposing, and this moment is one that should be a representation of your relationship.

However, recently more and more people have chosen even more unique ways of popping the question, moreover, couples have taken to picking out a ring together as well.

Enter the ‘loose stone’ proposal. It’s original, inclusive and educational, and the result will bring as much excitement and anticipation as any other proposal. Plus, you can still book that hot air balloon trip where you present your beautiful coloured gemstone or diamond to your cherished partner.

Here are some reasons why you might like to consider this option for your relationship.


Proposing with a loose stone gives couples free reign over the look of the ring. The wearer can choose the setting and design that best suits their style and preferences, and you choose how to embellish the ring with your meaningful details.


Involving your partner in the ring selection process can be a special and unforgettable experience. It allows them to have a say in a piece of jewellery they’ll wear for a lifetime, making the engagement more meaningful.


Loose stones offer so much flexibility. From choosing the type of gemstone, its size, and quality to how you choose to set it, you have a totally clean slate. This type of flexibility also allows you to have more control of your spend, and our specialists can offer you alternative ideas that will get you as close to your ideas within your budget.


Choosing a loose stone together can be a wonderful educational experience. It lets both partners learn about different gemstones, their properties, and the 4 Cs (cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight). If you love quizzes and puzzles, and have a genuinely inquisitive mind, this will be a treasure trove of information.

The Process

Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to ensure the process runs smoothly:

Step 1: speak to one of our talented Diamond & Gemstone Specialists, they’ll literally search the Earth for a stone that fits your requirements
Step 2: your stone will arrive in display packaging and that’s what you can propose with (don’t worry–it’ll arrive in discreet packaging in the post!)
Step 3: plan your proposal and get that all-important ‘yes!’
Step 4: come in together and go through the design process as a couple.

Loads of couples do it and it’s just another way we’re redefining engagements.

Your engagement ring, your way.

Taking that next step with your partner is always an exciting time, filled with anticipation and not knowing. Choosing to propose with a loose stone not only offers the same thrill and surprise as if you opt to do it with a finished design, but an unforgettable journey of personalisation and learning as well. The resulting engagement ring will be a true labour of love, filled with even more meaning and memories.


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